LC#47 Quixel Megachallenge!


This is an old challenge, if you would like to download the models please go to the vault thread
Hello to all ! So I know it took a while but the waiting was worth it since we have a great challenge
thanks to Quixel megascans @ and our member Yannick Rogeat !
The idea of the challenge is to create your own scene using QUIXEL assets and then TWO take of the same scene with totally different mood as we’ve already done in LC#2 !

Quixel provided FOR FREE PREMIUM assets that you can download from the following links

Yannick provided a scene if you want to skipe the process to create your own take

Maya files







you can use the provided scene or just use the assets to create your own scene !

-Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
-Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
-Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
-Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
-Ask questions and give feedback
-Enjoy yourself!


Hi Giorgio,

Cool, thanks for this! Just curious, where is the scene you refer to? I can only see the Quixel assets… Sorry if I’m missing something obvious!


Peter B


Yes, Where is my scene JoJo ! :stuck_out_tongue:



The Quixel stuff is cool, kudos to them for providing some assets for the challenge!

I notice that the Plants are missing their geometry except for mushroom_brown_T_pdvcB which is complete. All the others in there have textures but no geo…

Peter B


Hello to all ! First of all sorry for not including the scene in the first post, now I’ve fixed it ! You will find also other assets where you will find grass+geometry. Ferns do not have geometry in the original assets, but in the scene you will find geo provided by Yannick.


Awesome Challenge! I’m looking forward to see the work from everyone for this one! And huge thanks to Quixel!! :bowdown:


Would you happen to have a .ma or .mb version of this? I’ve been trying to get Maya to open .fbx files with different plugins, but it hasn’t been working.


Would you happen to have a .ma or .mb version of this? I’ve been trying to get Maya to open .fbx files with different plugins, but it hasn’t been working.

I can provide the scene in Mb if needed, (it was done in maya), But I will wait the ok from Jojo before doing that. Normaly FBX should be imported with no problem in Maya.

So far, here is my last version of the render I made :slight_smile:


Well, I tried downloading these files but it starts to download as an exe file.
Can someone share all the files on Dropbox


Can you please share the file on Dropbox.I can’t download this from the above mention link


i cant managte to download the files… i always ending up with .exe files…


Hello !
@ FeD of course you can share the maya file :slight_smile:
@ all feel free to create mirrors wherever you prefer. I didn’t provide a direct link since the downloads are almost 1 Gb and you can understand how much bandwidth they will take even for a few download.
About the mirrors I use Ublocker and also I suggest you to use a downloader like mipony.*
I’ve tried to click on the link send and for me the download just start. Any feedback appreciated.



i cant able to download file.plz upload maya file…



Here is the .mb files :

I uploaded only the models without texture so it is more light to dl.

JoJo, Why not just sharing the dropbox with all the Quixel models ? this would ne more easy.
Or create a Google drive just for the challenge (15go possible)


It has to be made inside Maya? Or can I export to Max


FeD i like your version… could you talk a bit about your lightsetup.?


Every software is ok ! No software limits for the challenge*


i cant find a texture for the trees… did i missed it…?
its no problem to create one my own but i wont if there is one hidden somewhere…


For the banner image or the last version with the monster ? I Used very simple workflow for the last, just some spot lights to paint light where I wanted it, and a HDR for some more bounce light. environnement fog and the midlle light have spotlight fog attached to it too. maybe I could make a screenshot of the scene to show the set-up.

Mental-ray 3.14.9 with AA at 0.3, Gi-next at 0.2 and two bounces and a bit of error cutoff to make render faster, mia_Lens_bokeh and mia_photographic. then a bit of color correction in Photoshop (blue balance mostly)

Yes, No quixel map for the trees, I just used some basic textures from cgtrextures, so I didn’t share it, same for some leaves.


a screenshot of the light setup would be nice…
for the leafs are those double sided materials or some ss materials.?