LC #46 Fast Click Challenge


Dear All, this competition is just great. So in reverse order a bit of feedback
@ Tilyx about the shaders the mud on the lcd of the camera is quite “waxy”.As a persona choice I would bust a bit the caustics. A great image indeed !
@The mud shader still need a bit of work FeD can you pls post wires
@Ahqi just a great image ! why don’t you also try and post other color grading ?
@Srims The metal circle on the top of the lens looks a bit too shiny and reflective since it should be covered in mud but it’s a great image indeed why don’t you try another camera angle too ?
@abuha great image and cool to see a variation. Is the material of the slot card intentionally darker than the other part of the camera ?
@SharinSri the right part of the camera look a bit too bright, can you try another variation making it a bit darker ?
@amitlighting great image. I will change a bit the reflection/refraction of the display
@vfxpraveen it’s a reat image , the shadows on the water really nail the image. Can you try also some variation in the camera position/grading ?
Great work to all indeed. There is still time to post your variations ! next challenge almost prepared, but we can still have fun with this


Indeed it is, Its a rubber Material there fore it is much darker than the rest of the body. I used my own 5d ii as ref so hopefully It is an accurate representation.

ps, Greta entries for this challenge, they are all so good.



@jojo1975 thanks,here is different variation .very excited for next challenge


here is another


Looking at what’s already been posted; some really nice entries so far. I had a bit of time between projects, figured I’d make use of it. :slight_smile:

Breakdowns here:


I realize this challenge is long over, but I’m going through some of the older challenges to brush up on my skills. Any Crits would be much appreciated! Thanks to Jojo for providing these challenges.

Rendered in Renderman 21 for Maya


@Cypher, sorry for the late reaply. IT’s really a great entry. I will just add a bit of light in front to light a bit more the broken display. Really great entry


[b]Any free website for upload High res Images…i can’t upload high res Images…plz help



When you create/reply to a post, there should be a series of buttons at the bottom of the text box … “Upload An Image” should invoke the “Media Manager” which allows you add file(s) or paste URL. What is the resolution of the image you are trying to post?