LC#44 Getty Benchmark Challenge


I love the bounce light and the color bleed on this one ,can you show ure setup?


I love the bounce light and the color bleed on this one ,can you show ure setup?

Thx! I am very busy right now but I will try to explain the process a little this weekend and to propose an other image for “smoothie”.



Hello Everybody,
This is my egg yolk render.

LC#44 Yolks WIP

3Dmax - FStrom 2K samples


Hey! Here is for the lighting :slight_smile:
open it in an another page for great size.



Hi All,

This is my second render for the glass:

Water Glass

Hi Res


Hello everybody,
This is my first Lighting challenge

Here’s my yolk eggs render

LC#44 Yolks WIP


Can anyone has any experience with Blender+Mitsuba ? I need the yold scene in mitsuba format for a very cool experiment :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this will help you.
But You’ll have to set everything in the xml if I understand well regarding to material and so on. (I never tried mitsuba, just try today to export it for you)…

You’ll have to edit the xml to make rid of my path (e: mp…)


Hello guys!
Here is mine!

gtx 970
render time :6:41
resolution: 720p


Thank wax for the file quite busy this week I will give it a look asap


Hey everybody! Some nice renderings already in this thread :slight_smile:
The gelato image looked challenging, so I thought I should give it a try.
The cookie still needs some work, obviously. What do you guys think? What could be further improved?

7 min, full hd
GTX 670

Grading and DOF in Nuke.


Hi again all,

FredSoub : Thank you very much for the setup demo :slight_smile:
actinidia : Very nice one, need some work on the cookie, but you already said that.

I finaly got Mental-ray beta 9 and needed to test it, so I took the EggYolk one to see performances. On my machine I get almost 10x speed improvement ! There is a bug with the Egg transparency so I temporary took away the small part under the egg yolk.

The old render took me 12:35 to render with more grain and lower rez… got 1:49 min with the MR beta 9 at same settings.

So here is my last test. with some post in photoshop for color correction and chromatic aberation.

1920x1278 => 4:53 min
i7 950 @ 3.07GHZ
16 Go
GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Windows 10

MR beta 9 egg


Hello guys, Nice work everyone. Missed lighting challenges a lot. Good Comeback :slight_smile: Here is my render. Rendered in 3Ds Max, Mental Ray. Sahders used SSS and Arch and Design. Hope you will like it :slight_smile:
Eggyolk Bowl


Here are my yoke images. Didn’t like the granite straight on so I changed the cam. Rendered in Redshift. Chromatic aberration and color levels in after effects.

Yoke 01

Yoke 02


Thank you, FeD :slight_smile:

I created a new version and improved some things, especially the cookie.


Hey everybody, some really sweet work in here! I wanted to have a go at the nasty glass jar filled with coins with Redshift! Thought I would post some of my work in progress shots. Decent amount of jpg compression here, am I missing something? The maximum upload file size is 97kb?

I have taken some high resolution macro pictures of coins with my a6300 and I’ll be happy to share them and the models with you when it’s all finished. I remodeled most of it and did a bullet physics simulation with the coins as redshift proxies. Some textures from poliigon and everything else is procedural. I’ll share the scene and all that stuff when I’ve finalized it.

What do you guys think so far?



rendered in houdini.CC welcome,thanks


Dear All,
a bit of feedback in reverse order
@vfxpraven. In my monitor the image seems a bit dark, The materials and shaders look good, the lighting for now is a bit flat, but it’s a good start. Try to make the image more contrasted and post new updates :slight_smile:

@Dezvous Great start ! I like a lot your images, texture seems great and also the glass looks good. It would be good to see how it looks the glass with a bit more scratches and a bit of stronger light that reflects a bit more on the top of the bottle. It’s a great image. If you can then share your image that would be great !

@actinidia. The shaders of the biscuit need a bit more work, probably there’s too much displacement. The juice look good, probably you need to tweak a bit the “transparency” (or SSS) to make the border a bit less transparents. I wold also boost the caustics. Can you post the setup of your lights ?

@Deijardon. Just a great work ! Just perfect ! I would be very curious to see your take on the other scene too ! Give it a try pls

@Jaswant. The image looks a bit too dark on the corners and also the reflection look a bit odd. Which IOR did you use for your materials ?

@FED the image looks very cool, even if the yolks seems to miss a bit of reflections (they don’t seem to be formed by multiple layers. I don’t know why). It’s really gread indeed but can you check your IOR/geometry ? Also I would really like to see your other try to the other scenes :slight_smile: It seems no-one for now has cracked the gelato scene :slight_smile:

@Miguel, great entry. It seems that on the lower part of your image the occlusion is too much bright, can you check this part ? Also it would be great to see your renders of your other scenes :slight_smile:

@skipdox. Just great image ! can you post your setup/rendering times/engine used ?

@FredSoub Great and thanks for posting your setup !

@Absorbent ghost. Waiting to see your updates with adjusted shaders

@ All the yolks are just the start It will be great to see also your other entry. Also if you can share your scene we can setup a repository for benchmarking scene :slight_smile:
Keep going !


Here’s a first shot of the glass scene… that lighting is a pain to attempt to reproduce :stuck_out_tongue:

Would probably have to model a wall or something with cut-outs to get a matching pattern.

Ver 1

Cleaner render with some better tone mapping + slight photoshop tweak.


Thanks Jojo!

What image are you talking about me sharing?

Here’s some more progress on the coin textures.