LC#44 Getty Benchmark Challenge


IMPORTANT EDIT: THIS IS AN OLD CHALLENGE. Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models
and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

LC#44 Getty Bewnchmark Challenge

Dear All,
while waiting for a wonderful scanned human character from a well renowned website :wink: since in Italy it’s quite hot and I was reading the latest paper about SIGGRAPH 2016, I’ve decided to create just a few small images that represent some technical challenge and can be used as a benchmark for your favorite render engine. At the end of the challenge I also ask if it is possible for you to share your final and textured model so we can create a library of the best scenes to use them for comparison purpose. Let’s see more in detail the challenge

Eggs + Porcelain: Multilayered reflections. How well does your favorite rendering engine holds up to multiple bounces required to create these effects?

Gelato: Foam, reflections, thin and thick materials all behave differently when it comes to light. Reflections on the glass, the SSS materials, and caustics from other glasses. How far can you can push the limits of your favorite rendering engine?

Glass Jar & Coins: Glass reflections and metallic reflections. How does your favorite render engine handle the bounces of light between glass and metal materials.

If you intend to use references (recommended), make sure to include a copy of the reference image(s) that you use to allow others to provide critiques and comments in context to the reference image(s).

Also as always
If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit Giorgio Luciano. Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
Ask questions and give feedback
Enjoy yourself!

This is one of the images chosen (I cannot insert directly in the post there’s the links
the other but you can have a look @ getty site with this numbers 649118173,650016855,654723537,654728427)





And there’s the links for the scenes

Water glass

Milk Glasses

Milk Glass another scene

Egg Yolks

Coins and Glasses ABC format version 1

Coins and Glasses FBX format version 1

Coins and Glasses FBX format version 2

I would like to thank a lot all the beta tester involved and the people that offered their help.In no particular order Ragupasta, hgagne, scote, subproxy3d, iiPixel,SubDProxy,blazelet



Links added and updated



Good idea to share the scene for this one, let me know what you think about my first test :

Maya 2016, Mental-ray 1280*720 19min(no optimisation) on i7 950.



That’s really a cool render ! The yolks look good, the table need a bit of re-texturing. Didi you had a look at the reference in Getty site ? Can you try also with a camera angle on the top ?
waiting for more.


Nope, didn’t found any ref on getty, and cant see the first ref on Pinterest because I dont have a account :frowning: .


here it is


Added all reference links :slight_smile:
waiting to see more


Water Glass:
GeForce GTX 745/PCIe/SSE2
Maya 2017 64bit
Mentalray 3,14beta

Caustic Photons: 10,000,000
Caustic Accuracy: 1,000

Fill light: mentalray area light
Key light: Spotlight (caustic caster)

Caustic evaluation: 10 min
Render time: 23 min

Water Glass

Hires Image


Which index of refraction did you use for the glass ? It seems quite too transparent. The IOR of glass should be in a rage of 1.3-1.7 (heavy glass).


Hi Jojo,

Is it more like that you wanted the render to look like ?

EggYolk 4

Modified the volumes to match the reference ; used the GI next solution from Maya-MR, so it’s slow and grainy.


FeD: Your renders and shading continue to impress me a lot. Very realistic. No crit’s to add, just can you explain your workflows a little, as I’m sure a lot of people like me can learn a lot from how you do things.

kosingcg: Apart from what jojo said, My other concern is the shadow colour. it looks green but the glass shows no hint of green anywhere as far as I can see. Great start!


Hi again,

ragupasta : So on the last image ; i first looked at the reference Jojo gave to us, and looked at the shadows to see how many lights i will need.

My workflow is very simple and basic. I use Mental-ray with Mila materials.

  • Get camera angle
  • Change the 3D to match the volumes in the ref
  • Get environement light that give me colors and ambient light i need
  • Add first light and get nice angle
  • Add second light
  • Create shaders ect
  • it’s done ! (render setting are just standar MR prefs)

Maybe I could show the process with a video tutorial, but i don’t know how to record my screen when i work.

Feel free to check the file :slight_smile:
LINK to the maya 2016 file : => LINK


Many thanks FeD.

For screen caputre, Camtasia Studio is a good one (although it is a commercial software)

An open source one is OBS Studio (which you can screen record and even do live streaming from).
OBS Studio


Thanks for the feedback jojo and ragupasta, here is my revised render:

Water Glass


Quick First Render. Ill Dive into the Shaders of the eggs and try to hopefully get some more organic qualities to the render.


Hey everybody !

Good to see you again, here my participation for “yolks”, I work on the others :wip:
It’s a very good idea: simple model but accurate work of render

Yolks wip

3dsMax - Vray


FredSoub : Exelent ! It look perfect :slight_smile: could you give us some informations about scene setup ?

prestonplatt : You need some SSS into the EggYolk, dark corner make it look plastic.

kosingcg : I saw you where using the MR beta, what do you think about it ? faster better ? or just small update ?

Water Glass first shot :



Hi FeD,

The performance is faster now in terms of caustics (since this is my first render with the beta, will be testing it in SSS now for the egg yolks :slight_smile: ). 10M photons took around 10 min with 1000 accuracy value and cone filter.


kosingcg : 1000 accuracy ? wow that’s hight, i was playing with about 50-100 .

I’ve got some problem with the milk glass one. Gi prototype wont work on that scene :frowning: got fatal error all the time.

So FG+Caustic+Dof => 3h :frowning:


light challenge

3dsmax + Corona. 10 min render + Denoiser

Not happy with the cookie shader, and it needs a nice wood under the glass too…