LC#43 Tears in the Rain (by Stahlberg)


cgx > yeah agreed ! Still trying to make skin right, I used just zbrush polypaint to color the skin, but guess need more details.


so a bit of feedback
@Dodgeas, the composition looks great, also the hair look good, (probably a bit more variation in the beard can help) The skin need a bit of work, even if the SSS has correct dimesion (the ear looks good) it look a bit too “waxy” in the forehead. Of course it’s a great image :wink:
@Ahaqi, probably it’s a little overdone. since the rain looks a bit too much dirty why don’t you try a shot also with “cleaner” rain ?
@Scote, thanks for the references, waiting to see more from your entry :wink:
@Sid. The angle is quite interesting, you should try also with “cleaner” rain Also , try to add a less distracting grey ceiling probably a lighter color will work better. Great entry !
@FeD I’m waiting to see more :wink:
please keep going, the challenge will run for at least two weeks


Nah sorry, no time for that Lighting Challenge for now. I’m having trouble finding time for my own project (Nux character)


hi thx for the comments. My intention is to create a dirty mechanic rain look. with a old space ship behind.


Slight update, still need some work there and there…


Great improvement man. For me I would change the color eyes for something less dark.

Also the waterdrop are too perfect, should try to have less pshere shape on the edge. It stretch when it about to drop


Hi, this is my first participation here, but I am ready to learn. Here is the result of the wet human until now. The emotion that drove me was sadness because rain usually brings back sad memories. I worked with 3ds Max,I rendered it with Mental Ray. The compositing is made with Photoshop. Also, I used Sub-Surface-Scattering material on his skin. Plus, I replaced his hair with a hair and fur wig ready for rainy wheater. To conclude, comments are welcome. Thank you.

Please, tell me if you don’t see any image here. I got many problems with that recently.

Newer version: I made some changes on both the man and the background without creating a new post again…




Some really good renders here guys, congrats! :keenly:

I’m a little bit late :confused:



Another update… almost all done.

click on image to open


Here we go!


Another update : studio like environment…


Some more tweaks there and there… :arteest:


Plugged :wink:
New challenge coming soon :slight_smile:



Pls Post your final entries This is the last week this challenge run :slight_smile:


All thread open :slight_smile:


What’s happend so far?


A new scene will be ready at the end of the month, really a huge one, while for now all the other thread are open so you have the chance to get a try to all the old challenges :slight_smile:


Awesome renders man. Any chance of a breakdown, to give us some insights?