LC #42 Pipers Alley



Really Great work I like the variations. It has a really creepy feel. Reminds me of silent hill. The volume lights really gives it a lot more emotion and dept. The last image has some burned out spots that draws the eye out, but the overall feel is very good and impressive.


Yes it is kind of eerie but indeed beautiful ! I like the foggy atmosphere. It’s true that there is some very overexposed light but I love the image as it is :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing


Thnaks for your comments . Another render with better quality .



Breakdown of PiperAlley …



I’m really enjoying looking at these challenge entries!

I especially like Ahqi’s Studio Ghibli style one and the Deep Dream ones (especially korabkoff’s.)

gerardo’s tests look terrific, especially the 3rd of the smaller close-up ones. That shows a nice fill-level that would be good to spread into the sun-lit parts of the scene (the cracks/corners/blacks shouldn’t go any darker on the sunny side of the street than they do on the shady side.)

Actually, to everybody, I think this is one of those scenes that you could light fill-light first, just getting a nice base illumination via IBL (or fill lights plus some occlusion, whatever your approach) to make sure blacks don’t go too black, and try to get appropriate reflections on things that might be reflective (even if a metal lamppost is painted black and you don’t see reflections on the parts facing towards camera, you’d at least expect some reflections around the edges.) After that some atmosphere (it doesn’t have to be foggy, but some kind of sense of depth to make sure what’s far away doesn’t look too similar to what’s up close) would help – maybe you can do a lot of that in post if you’ve rendered out some depth information. Anyway, if you get the fills, reflections, and depth fading done, then adding specific light sources like sun, moon, lamps, lit windows, or whatever could be your last step after the foundation is built. Just my 2 cents.



Yes, had the same impression all the time but illumination looks correct in the ‘linear-scene’ version where shadows look the same:

So I thought first it was an optical illusion of perceiving shadows near the lite areas look darker than what they really are - like Adelson’s shadow illusion:

But inspecting the output-referred version, shadows in lite areas are indeed a bit darker as you say. So checked the processing between color rendering and grading and found that there was an overlayed colored texture as secondary color correction darkening precisely those areas. Retouching the texture provides a bit better result, I think:

Thanks for your comment and suggestion :thumbsup:



Simply great Image and thanks Jeremy for the feedback given.


my final result


RfM 20
Nuke 9


Finally getting around to posting these; disabled DoF.

Frame: 360

Frame: 240

Frame: 192

Thanks again Clint; this was a fun scene to light.