LC #42 Pipers Alley


Hey Guys,

My first post, critiques please


yup perhaps : ) thxs for the comment, appreciate it !


No post render work done. Some work-in-progress renders here.

Original Model/Texture: Clint Rodrigues


No critique. Just love it. Great atmosphere!


…finding some time to correct lighting interaction with polygons:

[left] Again, thanks to Clint Rodrigues for the excellent models and textures!



Keep going, new challenge is under construction :wink: it will come soon


Hello all,

I know i’m a bit late but i had to give a try to this challenge, the scene is realy great, and gave hard job to my computer.

I’m not sure I will get much time, but I wanted to add my contribution too :slight_smile:


Nice seens… :bowdown: ]([/IMG]


Hey guys,

I made a real time version of the scene with Unity.

had to do a lot of optimisation on that awsome model, starting by deleting the massive flock of flies !
also light bulb filaments and wire sausage… insanely subdivided for something that small :slight_smile:

i made some animated cam all over the Alley
i’ll post the build if you guys want to try it out

more screen here :
although, pictures order got all messed up :confused:

cheers !

ps: night render by pamulighter, richgkim49 and amitlighting are bloody impressive !


…nice scene to play with!






I baked 2 other lighmap set for the scene :

it’s possible to switch from one to another at runtime
another screenshot
and a build in very low definition (40mb)
i reduced all textures to 512max…
the original version is 400mb

enjoy :slight_smile:


Hello all,

 I finaly I've got some time to work on the scene !
 I wanted to have no post to do, so here is the Raw render from MR. Rendering time was a bit long with the Lens_Bokeh and some fog (approx 2H30 in HD 1080) but i'm glad the new Mental-ray could keep the render times "ok". Tested the new Gi prototype and it worked nicely.
 Some nice render are out here, and i'm very impressed by the real-times ones.
 Hope you like it

and other views :




Hi guys, thank’s for this scene, it was awesome
here is my version of morning :slight_smile:


Not sure if it’s intentional, but the choice of camera settings make the scene feel like a photographed miniature set … pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Some nominal noise but not enough to take away from the feel … nice work. :slight_smile:


Thank’s . and yes. I did it intentionally . i sow this photo, and start play with DOF :slight_smile:


Wow so Nice! Looks amazing!


This is my favorite. Amazing DOF, nice natural lighting and spectacular camera angle. Top job man :slight_smile:


Thank you Clint, i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

It was a very nice scene to work with, thank you so much for sharing it with us.


I think this is one of the greatest challenge ever ! I will be soon in vacation and things are going crazy @ work now. I will give feedback ASAP.
Also we need help in modelling the new huge challenge. If anyone is interested pls help and send me a pm :slight_smile:


2nd version… Wip