LC #42 Pipers Alley


Meglatura: Great mood! :slight_smile: I agree with pamulighter about the strange depth of field. You can’t have a shallow depth of field with a wide lens. Particularly if the focus is so far away. The defocus effect is also too subtle. With that depth of field the hydrant would be completely blurred. There are a few creative lenseswith the focus limited to a circular region, but the effect would be much stronger in that case anyway… If you want a shallow focus on the tower I would change the composition and use a longer lens. But you shouldn’t be afraid to blur a lot in that case. If you want to use wide lenses you have to follow the advices of pamulighter. Finally, I think the stars are too bright. You shouldn’t be able to see them with all the light in the street and they are probably a little distracting. Keep going and it will be awesome… :thumbsup:



Thanks a lot jojo1975 for your quick answer :slight_smile:


There is my second attempt to create sunset lighting. Critique please!


Thank you everyone for feedback, Here is another update

Creative criticism are most welcome


The model has amazing textures and details. It took some time importing into 3dsmax.
This is my first try.


First of all I really love this challenge, great model and renders. Also I would like to thank Hgagne and Kewel that made this challenge possible ! So let’s start with a bit of feedback
In reverse order
@metafus ! good start, pls post your setup. Start with one light, no shaders to focus and then keep going :slight_smile:
@pamulighter Your image is great. Keep in mind that the moon steal the scene from the details you created since it is the most white point in your image and the eye’s viewer at first glance will go to that part of the image. In order to appreciate your lighting work, why don’t you try also a version with dimmer moon light.
@korabkoff. About the sunset lighting I will add just a bit of glare (a bit don’t overdue) and also a bit of fog/volumetric to the scene (even if it will boost your render time) the background is good but it contrast too much with the overall aspect of the image (everything is cartoonish while the clouds are realistic).
@ Hemma Start posting your work you have time :wink:
@Meglatura. I like your choice of colors it make it look kind of Xmas. about the DOF such a strong one make the image look a bit like a minuture, like the tiltshift images that were very pupolar a whole ago. About the hydrant is up to you if to have it in the frame. It’s totally stealing the attention to the overall composition and probably I would not include it. If you would like to do it just add a bit of reflection to it :wink: as suggeste by pamulighter
@korabkoff I like a lot the daylight image, full of colors. it’s very strongly contrasted. I have to say that the glow on the left is a bit too strong on the curtain or at least also other materials should shine like that one.
about the foggy one, you kept the curtain as a point of focus in the image. I guess it was intentional. I like the greenish color. Why don’t you give also a volumetric try ?
@ abuha, I will be very glad to see more in Unity !
@sharin shi, why don’t you try a textured take ?
@iranimation, I will be very glad to see more of your wip, check the specularity of glasses they seem a bit too reflective. Ris engine is great, I would like to see more about it
@ All anyone trying with Unreal Engine ?
There is still time so keep going !


jojo - thanx for critique! I’m happy having time to work with your comments in mind.

Last update feature volumetric sunlight and some smoke on post.

As always any critique appreciated.


@korabkoff: I like your image. I think the background is a little too bright tough. Your light is very low and reddish, it should be dawn, but the sky seem to me coming from a later moment of the day.



@jojo thank you for the critique

I am using using vray with 3dsmax.
overrode all the materials with a white material.

I have a an environment map using the painted sky image as a vray hdri.
The main light I used is a vray sun (placed it to match the environment’s map sun ), added some lights on the right side and rectangular up lights on the arch in the background

here is a screenshot in wireframe from the top view


I think it is lovely. I personally wouldn’t change a thing, But that’s just me.


Hi Guys! Just a clay render in Arnold and Maya. No post work. It’s my first time using Arnold after using Mental Ray for a few years. Any feedback appreciated.




love composition and basic lighting.

It always cool to have come color and brightness variation in sky light. It helps a lot to read shapes and volumes. Right now both sides of the left building lighted evenly which make it looks flat.

For some reasons light beaming from behind the corner doesn’t look like a sun. It is more like powerful projector or an explosion. But it looks cool anyway.


Thanks very much. Can’t take credit for the composition of the elements because that came wit the file, however I worked the lighting around what I was given.

That’s great feedback. I have a basic blue in the skydome so I could experiment with mapping a ramp to that and see what happens. I’d like to keep it simple rather than adding more lights and potentially loosing the nice feeling I achieved.

Ah, you got me. There’s is a reason - It’s a giant spotlight!

I know sun rays are almost parallel but I’ve never understood why those ‘God rays’ always emanate from a point. It does look cool how I’ve done it so I didn’t change it. It is a bit over the top but I’m just enjoying the Arnold volume scatter and colour temperature controls too much!

The set and lighting reminded me of a Paris morning so I’ve tried to add a bit of a story to the image by using two French vehicles and adding a sign.

I’ve got some stubborn noise in the headlight volumes. Not sure why that is because I have upped the samples. The IES lights illuminating the floor are different lights used only for the pretty patterns they make.

I also added a light inside the upstairs room. The layers of curtains are also getting a bit noisey probably due to the way I’ve done it. I’m not sure what a good workflow is for net curtains.

There’s also a bit of glow added now in After Effects.

Don’t know if I’ll bring in the textures or just leave it as it is. I quite like the flat paper style, it creates a surreal effect.

Before I forget, I’d like to say thanks to the original model maker. It’s a great model to play with. For everyone else just remember to delete the flies and cloth objects due to their heavy meshes.


Thank you everyone for Creative criticism, Here I have made some camera animation and breakdown as requested. I am thinking to add some character animation and any suggestion will be welcome.
Please let me know your thoughts.




I ran my image through Google’s Deep Dream and this was the crazy result

Kind of like a Van Gogh? Maybe it’s telling me to add some people…


Well, I tried.

^ Renderman - I don’t know if I have the time to set the textures and materials up. The rendering takes ages (like half an hour for this noisy pic) and I can’t shade things smooth (requires suddivision, and the model isn’t really made for that). And Renderman just quits if I try interactive preview rendering.

^Cycles. The problem here is that while rendering is fast and the materials are already set up, I run out of texure memory on GPU (4GB on my GTX960). I could try on CPU, but I don’t know if it would be a benefit over Renderman.

Another annoying thing is that the textures aren’t packed in the FBX - I got them from the 3DS version. But yeah, it was annoying.

Otherwise, for the lighting… I try going for a morning scene. There are some shading errors due to the flat / smooth shading problem, this would disappear if I could render the textures.


Deep dream generated from my pic )


Just wanted to do a night scene