LC #42 Pipers Alley


Thank man!! I appreciate your Critique. Actually u read my mind :smiley:


Nicely done!

Would love to see some breakdown details - lights, volumetric fog approach, renderer, etc.



Thank you for this wonderful scene and thank you for the breakdown. We need experienced people like you contributing scenes like this and explaining things for most of us who are learning :slight_smile:

I have another perspective for you. Problems = learning :slight_smile:
I am pretty sure nothing will be spic and span in real world production houses also… Think of it as an opportunity to prepare yourselves for the kind of problems you may encounter… guess what by doing these challenges you are already ready :slight_smile:




Looking great!! Looking forward for the final output.


Thanks hgagne
Once I will final this I will upload detailed break down with camera pan.


Hi Guys here is anothere work in progress…
Please take a look. Creative criticism are most welcome …


pamulighter - Your work is my favorite so far!

If talking about ways to improve atmosphere even more I suggest to make fog density unevenly distributed.

For example:

And if you already made some variation in street lights it is not obvious. :slight_smile:

IMHO you can make everything a lot more vibrant in post.

Another big issue is lost focus in composition. Street lights and moon fighting for attention which is not great. I’ll make some street light brighter and dim all others.


There is my WIP.Criticism are highly welcome.


Nice work! :thumbsup:

Curious about the awnings, they seem to have a “glow” to them … was that an artistic choice?

I get the impression that the sun is somewhere behind the water tower on the right; however, the angle of shadows seem to imply that the sun is located behind the first building on the right.



Fanx hgagne ! Glowing awnings is a bug ) As well as impression about sun location - to much glow.


I agree with your atmosphere and focus comment … I will work on that area


1st I have notice that … there is no combination between … Sun, Shadow direction and shadow length … According to composition I think we must correct that 1st and then move to details… such as color, atmosphere, fog, highlights etc
( keep dancing doesn’t matter how much people will like it but I am sure it will be good exercise)
:smiley: my logic


Can’t get it. Please explain a little bit more.

Making post end up with foggy atmosphere from the same render with passes :surprised

Also try to paint what I want to achieve with lighting only.


I was saying that…
It looking like there is 2 Main source, behind the main gate and another is behind water tank. And if u look at shadows they are parallel to the camera and length is short … that means there is another invisible source which is casting the shadows so its little confusing…

in your last post first 2 images are looking interesting …


korabkoff: Love the first version


Thanx for response guys! Now I have couple things to try!


Hi guys,
This challenge is really cool, I love this environment and I’d like to enjoy it.
When is the deadline?



I saw pamulighter’s post critiquing my last version of the Pipers Alley and got to work straight away making changes.

Fixed the Lights by lighting the bulb not the glass which looks much better. Added atmosphere which made the biggest change to the final render but i really like it. Lastly played with the Depth of field may have overdone it but not sure.

Anymore critquing is more than welcome.
Thanks again pamulighter :slight_smile:


The challenge will go on at least for one month :slight_smile: so keep going, I will give more feedback during the weekend


Now going good…
I have something to add and I hope it will push your output to higher level.
try this… 1. there is fire hydrant left corner near to the camera make it like metallic and just add rim from the right side and other side ( back) will be much dark.
2. don’t blur anything just add little depth of field in far area like fogy effect ( main far gate and tower will be gradually blur) and try to the change camera angle if you feel its require

The photography logic is :
Wide angles lenses have a wide apparent depth of field, allowing them to capture both foreground and background subjects in focus… you cannot isolate your subject by using depth of field to blur the background. Instead, you need to pay more attention when you frame your shot, choosing a composition with an uncluttered background.

( keep dancing doesn’t matter how much people will like it but I am sure it will be good exercise)