LC #42 Pipers Alley


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Hello to all ! So this challenge is focused on lighting since you will already find textures :wink:
It’s a huge and wonderful scene made by Clint Rodrigues
I’ve tested the maya file and it seems fine. You need to CHANGE THE DIR OF THE PROJECT in order not to have problem with it :wink:
The max files seems ok but you need to check the normals
OBJ and FBX worked in my Cinema4d version, you need to check the scale of the obj before importing. Keep in mind that

Pls download the obj here



MAYA 2016 SP6

MAX 2015 SP3


If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit Clint Rodrigues.Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.

Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
Ask questions and give feedback
Enjoy yourself!

  • This challenge will run at least for two months :wink: -


OBJ file works great when loading into Houdini. The FBX file takes a very long time to load into Houdini and eventually crashes it. OBJ crashes Guerrilla Render fro me as well.



Hi Glen,

Guerrilla Render may be having issues with the grouped geometry of the .OBJ format. You may need to separate the geometry of the .OBJ. In Maya, that would be Polygons > Mesh > Separate option. The .OBJ was exported via 3DS Max 2015.

Houdini has issues with large .FBX files, assume you’re using H15. You may need to use an interim step (ex: Maya) to export smaller (“bite” size) portions into .FBX (or .ABC) in order for the Houdini import to complete successfully. Once in Houdini, I recommend creating a .BGEO version and working with that - less “heavy”.

Hope that helps,


I’m sharing the original art in HD since the thumbnail is not pointing to it

Clint Rodrigues


thanks Scote, fixed :wink:


what an amazing scene. I will try and see if I can take it into Unity and a fun with it.


It’s a huge scene ahah. Be aware.

Maya Scene opened:


Please, save 3dsmax version in compatible with 2012 mode. Can’t open even in max 2014!


There is a suprise in the scene :slight_smile: Check the number of the objects belongs to the flies!


Using Houdini 14, 15 not out yet. Soon, not yet. Looking for an alternative step. Don’t have Maya license. Thanks for the input!


Yep … that would be me; I had that Geometry for a while, can’t recall where it came from. The original scene had little spheres in it and since it was such an awesome scene, I figured it deserved “real” flies. I hand positioned each fly in the same position as the spheres. :slight_smile:

You can easily delete them from the scene. Also the Clothes and Curtain were reduced to make the scene more “manageable” … the original geometry can be found in the Maya Scenes folder … warning though; there are 1.2M+ polys



Should be able to open it using the Student (free) version of Maya; you may get a notice/warning but it should be fine otherwise.



I only have 3DS Max 2015 so I’m afraid I’m not much help there.

If you have a different format that could work (ex: .ABC) let me know and I could try an export … possible though that the other format may cause the same issue.



OK, see there’s an option to “Save As 2012” … I’ll let Giorgio know; in the interim, I’ll upload a 2012 saved version.

Also, not sure why setting the Max Project Folder is insufficient to pick up the images; but using the References > Asset to repoint the path to “.\sceneassets\images” resolves the missing textures. A .TIF texture appears as missing on my system but I know for fact that the original scene contained no references to .TIF’s


Can someone please divide the scene into different max or fbx files please. My machine having troubles coping with the scene.


Any possibility of you installing the educational version of Maya long enough to open the scene so as to export the various groups that appear in the outliner?

I organized the outliner to facilitate File > Export Selection.


I suppose that is a possibility. I will see if I can download the educational version.


If anyone needs any textures that are missing let me know. I have sent most of the textures to Giorgio but optimizing the scene must have deleted some along the way. If some geometry is corrupt let me know as well and I can upload it via dropbox or drive. Cheers!!


The perfect scenario for a Thief game. :slight_smile:


nice . :applause:


So Imported the scene to Unity 5 and and So far bellow is what i have. I have a few more materials to create and then then I will start working on the Lighting in earnest.