LC # 41 VanitaSSS


First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone for the great entries posted, and now a bit of feedback
@r-e-w you entry is just great about shaders, the glass now is really beautiful even if for me it seems a bit floating on the marble, can you just try to add just a feeble shadow .
The lighting is very good, it’s no too strong but with enough contrast, can you post your setup ?
Every other shader is just beautiful, I really like the skull one. pls make it perfect so I can plug it ! :wink:
@ korabkoff about the shader, the shells look a bit too reflective and also it seems something is wrong with the texture scal , I think they should look also a bit darker. The pipes are made of ivory (they represent the innocence of youth that makes soap bubbles), the vase is a bit too reflective, an also the wax should be more “solid” with less sss) I will a bit more scratches to the cup. The skull look good :slight_smile: About the lighting I will get rid of the volumetric or I will increase it a lot (to reach the shell) pls keep going !
@amitlighting the skull shader need a bit of rework, it looks too clean, other shaders (except the bottom of the glass) seems ok you can add some dirty masks on them to increase the realism. The lighing seems good, coming from the candle and from the window, can you post an image with just grey materials ?
@fex, great work , I like the lighting even if the candle seem to cast too much shadow in comparison with the window on the left, can you postyour light setup ? Also the shell have too way much displacement :slight_smile: waiting to see more
@cyrus, you have time don’t worry :wink:
@Thomas, very happ to see an entry using Arnold, that I like a lot as a render. The shell is lovely, while the fabric need a bit of rework (ad also the reflection of the glass on the right. Can you post your light setup ?
@ fabian about the shaders, the shell looks a bit too porcelain and also you need to add scratches on the cup. The vase is beautiful as the idea of the flowers. The image look a bit flat overall, try to contrast it more
@pap 87, the shaders of the shell is very cool, while I will add a bit more dirt overall in the image. Too much gold around, try silver for the glass and a neutral ivory for the pipes, I will also give less glossy to the vase, The lighting setup look good, try to add a bit more contrast keeping the soft shadows
@preston great work as always, if I have to do a small suggestion I will decrease a bit the displace in the shell. Can you post also a different angle ? really great work !
@metafus the shell is a bit overdone, and also the book cover need a bit more work (I will also change a bit the cup/candle holder material) the idea is interesting, pls keep going
@d4rk3lf material need a bit of rework, the idea is very cool, can you post your lighting setup
@ragupast pls can you post just the lighting using a grey shader for all the materials ? In this way I can try to give you more detailed feedback starting from the lighting
@Eric-Harvey. I will be really happy to see more, in the meantime I think the shell is a bit too glossy, and the glass a bit too reflective. I’m really curious to see more :slight_smile:
@ karsa, thanks for posting the clean file for maya
@jdmcneil thanks for posting your setup. Yous should fix a bit the shaders (the vase look a bit odd and also the metals) except for the skull that looks good :wink:
@christian, can you post the lighting setup ?
thanks to all and keep going :wink: sorry for the late feedback , I was on holiday :slight_smile:


Ohh that’s cool that you give personnal feedback on each one.


Jojo thank you a lot for deliberate critic. I definitely will take part in next challenges because I learned a lot during that one.



Thanks for taking the time to give feedback JoJo, much appreciated :)
I know what you mean about the floating glass, I'll try adding a little shadowing to ground it better. Yes I've been meaning to post a lighting breakdown, so here it is. 

And the final image with a subtle shadow adjustment! :wink:




Thank you for the feedback Jojo!
Scaled and moved the main candle lightsource a bit, to reduce the shadow areas.
Wanted to do a pure physical and visible lightsource setup. There are three candles and a
enviroment light (which excludes the wall and is quite weak) in the scene.
All candles have a attenuation ramp.
This is the PBR mode of mantra with 3 diffuse bounces. Rendertime is around 1h for 720p.


In 10 days we will have a new challenge :wink: so hurry up if you want to complete this one :wink:


I’m a little bit late for this one but hopefully I will have time to get involved with the next one. Been meaning to get involved for some time now… looking forward to it :smiley:


So much amazing works here guys!
I got inspired, and I know is a bit too late to start, but… here I go!

Light passe.


This is my try with Unreal Engine, so everything is render in real time. Please send me feedBack. PD: I´m not sure how to link an image is my first time in a forum, So i put the link to Behance.

Link to the behance of the Project


Thnks everyone for taking part to this challenge you rock ! :bowdown: the thread will be now closed. Testing the new scene it will be up in a few days :wink:
If you would like to keep going with this challenge you can post your work in the old challenge thread :wink: