LC #40 Junk Room



Posting first WIP version. Working on couple of things at the same time.

  1. This is lighting blocking and basic contrast setup without any textures. I’m using Vray as render engine. Experimenting the light direction, Composition and exposure level. Also following few references for drama. :slight_smile:

  2. Doing UV for the set. It is very head eating job and fed up doing it as models has lots of triangles. :banghead: Will finish it soon and start with texturing. Also, pulling few references for textures which will go with the theme and overall mood.


Dust! Dusts are every where!

      Hello everyone. After spraying dust on every things, I just have second though about did I overdo it? But I left it as it is. Going extreme will be fine as long as it's still on the right direction right?
      Before anymore text wall. Here's my composted final render.
      Here's change log from last WIP.
      -Texture get done, with additional dust.
      -Adjust lighting and include model of the light source.
      -Adjust camera.
      As someone might using PBS texture from any Allegorithmic's software on Blender Cycles might facing problem with mapping those roughness-metalic texture. Here's my shading group for handling those texture, It's also mimic the principle of one material for everything (It's actually cover only ordinary opaque material, But that's quite handy though.). Bare with the messy wire, I don't know how to manage it. I can also share the .blend file of this shading group if you ask.
      And finally, Here's the raw render result. Quite boring and you can also spot some of my mistake here. I think I buried it well with my retouch.
      Thanks to modeler who offer these great model. Even someone complain  about triangulate but I think cleanup is not that hard compare to  actually modeling it.
      Thanks to []( for the free HDRI.
      Thanks  to Blender foundation for this great tool. Almost every process done in  this little free software. Whatever cleaning up, UV, shading, lighting,  rendering with Cycles and composite in one software. Isn't that cool?
      I  also use substance painter for some textureing (the bed, oil drum and  treasure chest.). Thanks Allegorithmic for offering this great tool with  reasonable paying method.
   Thanks [jojo1975]( and other participant who made this happen. This is a good start for someone who creating a lighting, rendering portfolio.
   Seeing any room for improvement? feel free to say it. I'll really thank you and I maybe able to fix/improve it on next time. I do say a lot of thanks  but I'll say it again. Thank you.


Here is my version of the room. This was done in Modo. Any advice that would improve the image would be welcome.


Nice entries so far!
Here is an update with more textures and a bit of fog. Still everything textured with substances except the graffiti on the wall (credits to Did also some grading in Photoshop.

The same rendering without grading:


Great entry so far. i will give detailed feedback during this weekend :wink:


Hi all,
good entries…i like the night and low key pictures alot!
worked a bit on the wall and did some new floor… carpet and some furniture is beta.


Really natural and subtle sunlight :thumbsup:

I did a daylight version of my scene, but I am still struggling with the sun of corona to find the right ratio between intensity and exposure.


My version this scene
I did with 3d Max 2013, Vray and Photoshop
I hope you enjoy


This is my version of junk room. Done the work in free time during past week. used Maya and vray. Some work still to be done.


Hello everyone,

i’m not sure how active this forum/thread has been but I was interested in this challenge and I downloaded the obj file and did a very basic render with a vray camera setup, with vray sun and a vray sky. however, I couldnt help but to notice two things which I find it strange.

when I’ve imported the obj file, the model is all triangulated, is that how it’s supposed to be? is there any way i can quad them up, instead of leaving them in triangles?

when i did my renders, i noticed that the top part of the beam at the ceiling has light shining on it, is there any reason being so that this is happening? I’ve got shadows turned on for my vray sun by the way.

it’s my first time on any challenge and my first working with obj files. so apologies if i’m asking really basic questions here…


@MayankLal very good start, I like the texture overall even if you should change the bed one (it seems there a little too bump) also you should lower the overall light in the room (did you used GI) and add more focused lights on the scene (why do’tyou try also a volumetric light ?)
@Fabiotteles, thanks for posting also your maps. Ithe texturing is looking great even if I will add a bit more variation and decay to the wood in the scene. The lighting is start to looking good, even if I will make it a bit more stronger and I would variate the angle in order to cast light on the floor. Keep putting dust and keep going.
@bibi500 the texture looks great, even if the wood shader in the front of the image look a bit too glossy. I will also add a more interesting outdoor to the scene. Also the shader of the drawer need a bit more of variation. The choice of colors focus the viewer’s attention on both the sign and the drum, you probably should choose only one focus of interest. Keep going !
@Fex as alaywa great entry. The textures look very good and also the choiice of the angle is very intersting (and also the small detail of giving an outside even if it’s not seen by the camera). I will change the shader of the drum on the right (it looks too bumpy for not being corroded). Also I htink that since your image is focused on the wall and ceiling you should add a bit of variation to it. Keep Going !!
@bibi. I really love the atmosphere of your previous version. The graffiti are really eyecatching and also the noir atmosphere is great ! perfect work !
@innobus you succeeded in making clean the scene that even if derelict look good ! :wink: So a bit of feedback , I will chagne the angle of the camera, and also get rid of the red color for the drum. Lower a bit the displace/bump of the walls and also i would experiment with the lovely plant you added. Try to tell a story… why don’t you make a closeup of the plat from outside ?
@ Hello Ilakya thanks for posting so much details on the creation of the scene. I don’t think it’s overdue, I will just change a bit small details. The noise in everymaterial look the same and that a bit weird also if you look the reflection on the windows looks a bit strange since the light seems to come from the outside with the neon on. try just to dim the light that are not the “keylight” and keep going ! Great work !
@vsanghan thanks for posting ! one think that look weird is the shadow of the windows. Which source of light did you used ? Since the sun can be assimilated as a source of light at infinite distance the shadows probably should look not so distorted. Also try to contrast a bit more the overall image and keep going
@halfPintMike, thanks for coming back ! the start keep good so far, keep going and keep posting :wink:
@jobin, the lighing look beautiful, but tru to avoid the green for teh drum on the right that looka bit too distracting, Also the canvas on the low left need a bit of work on the shader. Put a background and post more please ! It’s looking good !
iceman10129, the idea looks great, can you contrast a bit the image and repost a lighter version ? (probably my monitor fault). I’ really curious to see more
@ all, sorry for the problems with UV, and if you can contribute other formats pls send me a message. It’s quite difficult to test the scene before posting, since everything seems right and the we have some problem. Keep in mind that we are a forum where we are always and together learning :wink:
keep going and keep posting :wink:



This is the Wip version of this week. Done with UV unwrapping and started with basic texture blocking.
Will start with detail texturing and environment setup.
Not able to put more time but really want to finish this on time.

Let me know if you see any area of improvements.



Thanks @jojo1975 for your precious review. This is a new update(but done this before reading the review). Found some light leaks, problem in reflections and refraction, etc. So corrected all of them. Since i am still learning i don’t know using volumetric light but i will surely catch it up.


Added a warm summer feel. Lower the bump on bed, Added volumetric light to show some dust in environment.SO this is it until now.


Hello everybody,

great challenge with some nice entries so far!
This is my work in progress…still some objects to texture (bed, chest, cabinet).
Great opportunity to test Substance Painter :slight_smile:


when its the deadline?


Thank you for the comment!

I chose to fix the light first. At first I think evening sun will be great as keylight for this. But as for visibility is important so I need something to fill light and cast reflection in the room. Now the the fluorescent become key light. And this become really interesting.

Noise is unexpectedly help the scene looking good but that's not my intention.

Texture will got fix soon.


Here is very different version from what I had earlier. I really tried to tell some sort of a story. Once again feedback is always welcome.


Revision 1 finished. Thanks for the comment. It do really help a lot.



Thanks jojo1975 for comments. I’m using spot light to mimic the Sun. I have kept the light at the distance now so it does not create the angular shadows and also adjusted contrast according to the new light position. I have introduced some graffiti on the walls. I still have to work on specular to differentiate the wall and painted graffiti. This week was really busy for me so, can’t do much of work. But, will try to push it hard in coming week.