LC #39 Bottle Redux


Here is my submission to this challenge i tried to maintain quality with render time in the final image.
My Final image for Redux Challenge
then the Refraction Pass
My Reflection Pass
My Specular Pass


My contribution.
Maya and Vray3
In HiDef: Here


Pls. give feedback.


So here’s update of my version for this challenge
Final image

Added a Ambient occlusion Pass

Critiques are welcome.


Here is my image


Found some problems in shadows so edited that and done some cc on reflection pass and
thing that i got is below


New challege coming soon keep posting. I will give detailed feedback at the end of the week :wink:


Hey all! my first submission for this challenge, I hope it’s not too late.
Thanks a lot for the model, it was very inspiring! :wink:

3dsMax 2015 // Vray 3 (HDR lighting) // Photoshop


REally great entries so far. As you probably have already seen I’ve done a bit of work to the challenge. I’ve cleaned threads, merged the thread were you can download files, Tries to fix links, changed host (now all the files are hosted by cgsociety so no more broken links hopefully), reorganised final showcase (of the last 10 challenge). Also this week testing new scene files for a scene that will be also used for another mini challenge here in cgtalk. So you have time to post your final images, I think I will upload the new challenge this week
I will also give detailed feedback soon.
BTW if you have an image that you would like to submit for final showcase, please send me a private message.
Thanks in advance for your patience :wink:


This it!