LC #39 Bottle Redux


I basically textured in Mari, exported the usual maps Diffuse, Bump, Spec, but for the windows and the bottles I used a weight map for the roughness in the material.


Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting work. I really like the images people are posting.
I started the challenge a bit late but here is my first pass at it. A few things that I would like to address next are making the bottles more distressed, work on the texture for the window frame and wall, and changing light direction so that the shadows from the bottles read better.
Looking for further feedback.



I see a ton of Awesome Work in here! This is my first WIP just kind of getting a feel for the route I want to go. I decided to give it a abandoned beach vibe. Not texturing really at all. Im going to jump into Mudbox and start building the shaders for the bottles. Itll be a fun challenge because Glass always ends up being a pain in the butt. 4 Overall lights in my scene at the moment more to come Im sure


Hi Assymetry, I have created textures for the crack and some attributes of the shader, you can get the shader and textures that I created here.

I am not also satisfied to the caustics in the bases of the bottle, still doing some editing.


2nd Render:
Hires image here.


2nd Render, a little desaturation:
Hires image here.


WIP 2. Starting to get some texturing. Needs tons of work but Im getting closer. Ganna get some spider webs and dirt going. Also will probably get some dust in the air as well.


Sorry for being absent for a while, I will give complete feedback in the next days. I got some problems with “first work” :wink:
BTW great entry so far I really love this challenge !


Hey people. long time no see!
This is really a nice setup so I did some rendering. Congrats to all and keep going.


@zbugja Hell yes I love it. What renderer are you using?


It was done with Vray RT on the GPU (openCL) mode. About 15 minutes rendertime on a gtx 660 but it’s a small resolution. And of course some additional actions were taken in PShop :slight_smile:


Decided to go a different route then everyone and make the bottle more of a metalish type material(save some render time, computer is rather old)… After about 3 hours of work this is where i’m at. Next step for me is to dirty up the metal bottles… Mental Ray, feedback always welcome.


[left]Hi, ok here’s my final image for this challenge. I really enjoyed doing this one, glass is always a tricky shader to get nice. Mostly textured in Mari & rendered in the new Corona 1.0 release. The cobwebs were done using JokerMartini’s max script… which is awesome! :slight_smile: The lighting setup was very simple, just a HDR and sun light. It could have probably done with some dusty volumetrics but I leave it for now. Looking forward to the next ones! Thanks.



Ok so this is my final, i tried to make up a murder scene , it has some mistakes , won’t able to re-render (my computer is slow) took 6 hrs , also its early morning so i am feeling sleepy , awesome challenge! ,learnt a lot.

I need your feedback to improve my skills , Thanx!

:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


Lighting and Color test post. No Textures. Purely Grey. Unfortunately did not have enough time to enter challenge. Want to post something nevertheless.


Thank you for sharing the technique for the shader.


Hi everyone,

Here is my final submission, rendered with corona and post in after effects.


Near final image, added some bottles:
Hires can be viewed here.


Here is my latest render with just a few more details in some of the bottles.


Here is my rendering…done in Houdini with Mantra. Some dirt and grunge will be added.