LC #39 Bottle Redux


It’s a good start, but you need some direct lighting (like a sunlight). It’s also very dark, so try increasing the brightness of your lights!


Thanks for your comment !

You right, it’s very dark. So, I will re-start from zero my lights and I will post a new image soon.
I will change, in the same time, some details (material, background), to match with the new mood of my scene.


Hi folks !

Here is my try with the scene, was testing alShaders (by Anders Langlands) with arnold, same as aging cobwebs compound ( by Fabricio Chamon) for softimage.

Another version with more volumetrics:


Great job, the cobwebs look great! I attempted to start this scene with Arnold but i was getting insane render times with glass(Arnold doesn’t like this). Any tips?


Thanks !

Well the killers are internal reflections… need to use either ray switch to eliminate from all rays internal reflection and leave refl+refr just for camera rays, and all other (diff, gloss, refr) make mat without reflections, that speeds up things alot, ofc it may suffer from some detail loss. This need to balance what you look for.

Check “refraction optimization” by scrolling down… link here



Here is my final render !
I hope you will like it :wink: [/IMG]


Great entries since now ! I will give feedback in a few days. Keep it coming :slight_smile:


Hey, guys!
Here is my attempt.

Hires version

I changed the model a little bit and added some details. Actually it`s more a texturing/shading challenge, than a lighting :rolleyes:
Rendered in Corona renderer

Hope you`ll enjoy!


Ok here is my update



Yeah i was thinking that myself definitely more a shader challenge. This is awesome work very jealous.
The glass on the window may need more dust or dirt or cracks? for me its just a bit to clean. everything else looks great good work


Hi Everyone, nice images so far! :slight_smile:
I thought I’d have a go at this one as its a nice little scene and challenge to get the textures & shaders right.
Here’s my first WiP render done in Max & Corona Renderer with abit of post in CameraRaw.




Hey everyone, I hope its not too late to get into the challenge, I spend must of the time the last few days doing the textures and shaders. Now its time to make the appropriate lighting.




Ok i made diffuse textures for the window glass , i assign my material the diffuse map with diffuse on , texture aren’t visible on rendering , i am using 3ds max and arch and design material , Help! plz! :cry:


Another WIP almost final I think, what you guys think?

and here is my light set up


Nice renders. Thanks for sharing your lighting setup. So this is all direct lighting and no indirect lighting? Also can you post some information on how you did the wall shader?


Looks great!! Can you tell me which is your workflow for the textures?


My first submission:


Still working on the shaders


hey guys here is my first WIP render

C&C are welcome :wink:


I like the overall colors of the scene. A few bottles near the window (especially the ones with strong caustic pattern in their bases) appear to be “hovering”. Just my thoughts on this.

Also, can you please share how you achieved the cracked glass effect?