LC #38 Urban Decay


hello everyone,I have do some color correct and made these two images.
I guess it should be the final image and I will start my vacation days without computer. :cry:
hope you love it!@!


Hi all

Here is my first image. It was hard to find a camera angle. will work more still very fast texture and lighting



Hi guys,

I already did a few old lighting challenges by my side but for this one I wanted to join in :slight_smile:
I will try to read the thread occasionally and give some feedback.

I you want to comment on my work it will be well appreciated :wink:

Mikes Huangyan : I really like your image, you added a lot of fine detail on it and it looks great and very photographic.
I wonder if the blue color correction was necessary, I keep looking at the two image and still have a soft spot for the warm one.
Looks more realistic to me.

Batcha : Shooting from the rooftop could be very interesting :wink:
To remove a panel of the roof was a good idea and create a nice lighting effect on the floor, I would try to add another hole to add some light on the right side of the image.
Maybe you can try to add a very soft light to the ground area to separate more the roof structure from the rest of the scene and focus attention.

Here is my image. Still needs a lot of work, hope to find more time for it.

About the light setup it is very simple, I used a directionnal light for the main effect and added an area light to lighten the window spot. Atmospheric is done with a dedicated spotlight so I can tweak it independantly from the main light intensity and direction.


Now I applied shading and added the fog, any suggestions and critics are much appreciated. :slight_smile:

High res can be viewed here : hires


ahhh I should have checked this thread at the beginning of the month! I like what I see here, tons of awesome work and the scene seems like it would be super fun to work on! I will have to download this and work on it when I get some time!


My next version:

High res here: hires


Here is my first attempt at Lighting Challenges.

There is a directional light, two area lights at the front and the back gates, a spot light for the volumetric effect, and some small spot lights for the artificial lights.

I hope you like it.

Hi res here



Dear All,
so a bit of feedback for x-mas :wink:
@ pedrofe very good start. About shaders, they look a bit too glossy and also too “procedural”. About lighting try to boost a bit the “fog” ! keep going

@kosingcg. I will contrast a bit more the image. If you would like the partin the front not to be visible you should decrease there the illumination (adding a negative light for example) or you can add a bit of fill light in the front. The "background " is very cool ! I like the contrast of the colors. The corrosion on the right of the image is a bit out of scale (smaller probably would be better)
@Spencerrayfitch you still have time :slight_smile:
@miwo. I like the dynamic camera angle. You should try to make the image foreground a bit darker and boost a bit the fog. Keep going
@batch keep going waiting for your update !
@mikeshuangyan great entry ! I really like the decay atmosphere and the overall colors :wink: you still have a bit of time if you want to tweak the image !
@Fed. Waiting to see your final images. try to add a volumetric light !
@Sir_Vuclan thanks for the feedback. I iwll be glad to see update scene and also I think we can work on a realtime scene write me a pm to talk about it :wink:
@ragupasta. Waiting to see the textured version I will change a bit the camera angle to make the tanks more visible. Volumetric seems cool, keep going !

@ALL I WILL COME FROM VACATION THE 12 January and then the challenge will end ! So keep going you still have time !


I’m a little late to the game in posting my current version of this challenge, but here it is anyway. Feedback is always greatly appreciated!




Updated render with better textures and increasing the environment effect.

You can find a higher resolution image here .


I managed to figure out just enough 3DsMax lighting to create a beauty pass. The feeling I was aiming for is dreary and isolated. Maybe it would look more finished if there were visible photometric lights lining the brick wall above the pipes. Please let me know what areas need to be adjusted.


Post your final image please ! I will lock thread TODAY !


My final render:

Hires in here.