LC #38 Urban Decay


Hi there! Here’s my current progress – I filled in one of the windows and added some other small objects. I’m hoping to add some more details on the ground and maybe take a stab at another view of the scene before xmas.

img src=


WIP v2

Had a big open spot in the middle that worked great for a main piece so took out one of the roof panels to expose some sunlight into the center of the scene making way for a tree which will provide an accent color to the worn down machinery around it. Had to fix some objects, quite a few as the normals where messed up as well as the smoothing. Rebuilt some foreground elements for higher detail, started to adjust glass wall panels and add broken panes.


@ Laura pls include the image in the post

@Sir-Vulcan cannot see the image can you upload it again ?

@Preston I like the idea about the industrial place with vegetation. you can have a look at some reference here I would make a bit of variation int the pipes and also bust the contrast for the corrosion in the structure (more displacenemt). Also boost a bit the volume effect to obtain an overallo more contrasted image
keep going great work

@Uncaged. Waiting to see more. Start with the lighting and pls post your light setup :wink:

@ Inscari. You have time :wink: wellcome on board. The shaders on the right of the image looks overscale, remember to focus on the lighting and then add your textures :wink: waiting to see more

@mehdiahmadi waiting to see your entry

@ mikeshuangyan waiting to see update :wink:

@Fdfxd waiting to see your entry too.

@All let’s rock this challenge :wink: waiting to see more from all of you. we have time till the endo of the year :slight_smile:



My images look to be online and visible.

Try this link:

I am trying to add some fog / volumetric light but it appears that I currently do not have a way to do so with the IRay renderer. Using 3ds Max 2015 with IRay, been doing some searching around but haven’t found a way in IRay yet.



Starting to put in red rusty stairwell textures and daylight luminescence from the broken far wall. Used Maya and Mental Ray to render/light. It might be over-bright at this stage.

Sandra :wavey:


Will be back on track soon with some edits.


@jojo1975 Thanks man I completely agree with the points you made. Im on it!

@Sir_Vuclan I love that your image has a focal point with the tree. Make sure when lighting it to make that contrast heavy and really guide the eye. It really inspired me to gain a focal point

@Uncaged You are making some awesome progress keep going I enjoyed the video.

Ok so now with the image I gave it a focal point. Its still a bit all over the place and doesn’t make much sense but that will come with time. I will start adding some variety to the texturing as well as lock down the dog character look and give him a story in the image. Basically the parts are there now Time to make some sense.


Hi all,

I wanted to test the scene on the Unreal engine 4 but the scene make it crash…so I dicided to learn le MILA material with the new unified sampling in maya mental-ray.

I did not see so many speed improvement (slower actualy), but maybe i’m doing it wrong, i’will keep testing and see if I can find a way to get better result than adaptative mode with mia_materials…

So here is the base lighting i did.


Well, after having hard times with maya crashes due to the scene volumes I got that :


@Fed ! It’s really a great start ! I like the choice fot the yellow shader. If you want to make it look a bit more corroded remeber to avoid any kind of reflection or glossy. If the metals is heavily covered with paint a bit of reflection can remain, but generally corroded metals are not reflective at all. Also you have to choose if to go the “dirt” way or the clean industry :wink: Keep going !
@ Preston I love the dog. It tells a story and it’s always good :slight_smile: the only thing that I will check are the dimensions of the dog. It looks a bit big but I can be wrong.
to all keep going !


Thank you very much for the feed back Jojo, I appreciate.

I tryed to make the metal less reflective like you said, and I finaly choosed the dirt way for this image :slight_smile:


Here is my first test render. Not much to add, but I need to work on some more textures. Any advices towards the lighting will be much appreciated.


I got the scene as far as I could, before my maya expired. Found out that Maya LT doesn’t have a render module so I’m starting-over in 3Ds Max. Not really sure if my uving will transfer over yet - I have some UI to figure out first. I exported the scene as obj files. Would FBX be a better format to preserve UVed models?



The .obj exporter should have an option to save uv’s. The gas cylinders in my scene I exported to UVLayout as a .obj, uvmapped them and re-imported them as .obj’s and it preserved the uv coordinates perfectly.


New version !


I had to much work to do with the old point of vue so I changed to get a more close one.

I cranked up Final gather to much, so now I got splotches :frowning:

CC are wellcome



Thats looking really nice now. Getting a really nice dis-used felling to the scene. Camer placement is a lot better. Only thing I see now is some nore texture work on the cylinders. Where the rusty metal bands touch the cylinders I would expect to see some rust transfering across, and maybe some wet rust running down it from the bands. Paticulary the small cylinder the rusty yellow hitting the white paint is like a sharp border. Hope you understand what I mean, I’m not always the best at getting things across.

Really nice work!


When I first saw in the challenge rules post that there was an interest in importing the scene into a real time game engine I was pretty excited. I work with Unity some at work and thought this would be a cool scene to play around with.

Unfortunately this scene would need a complete rebuild to be usable in any game engine, I have fixed some parts already just for my still render. There are so many wasted polygons, unwelded vertices, broken normals, and other issues due to being created from a CAD program that it would kill performance in real time. I’ve worked with many CAD drawings creating 3D architectural renders, CAD files tend to be messy from multiple people working on them, multiple versions and changes, and from the CAD persons point of view they don’t have to worry about vertices, polys, or rendering most of the time.

I think it would be really fun though to have some of us work together on a scene that could be used in both real-time engines (Unity, CryEngine, Unreal, etc.) and pre-rendered software (3ds max, Maya, etc.). I’d be willing to help model a scene for this mini-challenge.

Updates on my scene coming soon…


@Fed: I really like your tiles on the floor with the dirt and grass tuffs mixed in. The bump map on the upper left side for the brick wall seam inverted, or the specular map is. It appears the mortar sticks out with the bricks indented. The right side looks ok, but you don’t have a light reflecting off too see it.

@Uncaged: With Maya and 3Ds now under Autodesk the transfer between them has been much easier then past years. Every update it seems to get better, however I don’t have much luck with materials or lights. I have often transferred models back and forth using the FBX file, which works very well in most cases. In the options you can specify scale conversions, object conversions to bring over what you need. Again materials and lights I don’t usually transfer as each uses a different process. If you need help with the settings I can post a screen shot of what I use to jump between them.


Thank you very much ragupasta and Sir_Vuclan.

Hope you understand what I mean, I’m not always the best at getting things across.

I got it :), I still have to work on it, I will try to correct that.

Added some more détails to the scene, not sure aboute the background.


Hi, this is my first try on the lighting challenge, tried to get the fog working in mental ray. No textures on the objects yet except for the glass in front. All comments are highly appreciated.

Hires is here: hires