LC #38 Urban Decay


Wonderful Challenge , I’m in . . .


Another angle plus adding more light :slight_smile: cause on different monitors I noticed some details are lost in shadows :frowning:


Nice atmosphere :slight_smile: How long did it take to render HD frame? In my tests using skydome for interior lighting is insanely slow in Arnold.


Just start lighting with Arnold… :lightbulb :lightbulb :lightbulb


Anvell > well it takes some time from 45mins to >1 hour.

mikeshuangyan > nice details you added to the scene ! all these piles of bricks.

The sun seems to be a bit too big , making scene as miniature, shadows too washed out, should be more sharp to get the right scale. Good work!


really great entry so far ! Also I love the addition of the broken bricks :wink:
Pls remember to post your light settings to help each other learn more.
I’m looking forward to see more post ! I will give more detailed feedback during weekend


Thanks Dodgeas3d,Jojo !
I have adjust the shadow area and roughly add some textures.


Challange accepted.


@mikeshuangyan Awesome Progress! The scene really has weight and the lighting does wonders for that. Keep going and maybe soften some of the lighting in the middle of the scene. Its a bit harsh on the eye. Awesome stuff.


@ Dodgeas3d really fantastic work ! I like the atmosphere. Why don’t you try also to add a bit of fumes or vapour coming out of the pipes ? It can be very interesting variation ! and pls post light breakdown :slight_smile:
@ mikeshuangyan I like the textured image. You should work a bit on the dimension of the big tank since the scratch seems a bit too big. Also adding a bit of color variance can help the whole image.
The lighting is wonderful The volumetric effect really kicks. Really waiting to see more ?
@Preston :wink: where’s your entry ? :wink:


@Jojo1975 Im here! haha

Took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to compose this scene. Its incredibly large with so many opportunities I needed some inspiration. Finally found some 2D concept art that gave me a direction. I will eventually fill the scene with over grown shrubbery as well with some atmospheric effects. Here is the Very beginning. This is the thought for my composition


Alright here is my first WIP. Im trying to play with the eye with my colors and having the yellow really designate where to look. The lighting is a bit all over the place and not refined. Starting to get a feel as to where the image is going though. Tons of work to do


@ Preston great to see your entry and waiting to see more :wink:


Thanks Giorgio! WIP 2 Some slight composition work and color. Over all completely cluttered image still it needs to be refined so you you know where to look and things just overall work. Having some fun with this one now


I just saw this lighting challenge, looks like a fun one to join in on. Didn’t see an exact due date other then before xmas but I’m going to give this challenge a shot.


I just saw this lighting challenge last weekend, I’m going to give this challenge a try. Here is my first attempt, proof of concept. All in Lightwave, also edited in Lw.


Starting to put in red rusty stairwell textures and daylight luminescence from the broken far wall. Used Maya and Mental Ray to render/light. It might be over-bright at this stage.

Sandra :wavey:


Wip 3. Added some atmospheric effects. The composition has no subject and really needs a ton of help. That will be the next center of focus


This is great to learn a lot.


WIP v1

Think I finally found a camera angle that I like. Lots of stuff in this scene, hard to find a shot with good lines and not being too busy.

I don’t plan to change the scene too much but a couple broken windows and maybe a roof panel missing would make a valued addition. There are a couple object that I’ll need to fix due to there silhouette showing rough edges in my shot. Will also be adding some debris, plants, and textures of course.