LC #38 Urban Decay


Please enjoy reading through this thread as an archive, but it is closed to new posts. You can still download the old models and also post your entry in order to ask for feedback here

Hello to all, so this will be probably the last (for this year) Lighting Challenge as you know it (before good news :wink: )and so it’s time to rock ![/b]
There’s the fbx remodelled using a real urban-plant from autodesk plant :wink: I’ve done some tweak and also Ciro Cardoso helped me a lot !
you will find the fbx file and also the max 2015 files. If you can donate the scene also in other format pls donate :wink:


 The files were checked but if you find anything wrong pls try to fix it and share ;)
 Also to keep the dimension low I didn't apply smoothing or b-leveling to the scene, again if you would like to share a bigger version let me know 
 Also this will be a great chance to import the model in a real time engine. Also from now on we will have a winner ! and also a badge for the best work. This will still be a workshop and a place top work together so don't get too serious with the prizes and winners ;)
 as always
            If posting your own rendered images or  video of this scene      anywhere out of this thread, please credit Preston Platt for the      modeling.Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.

[li]Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
[/li][li]Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
[/li][li]Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
[/li][li]Ask questions and give feedback
[/li][li]Enjoy yourself!
[/li][/ul]First reference :wink:



Both links point to the MAX file


great topic!!
…but why is it the last challenge?..or do u mean the last challenge for 2014?

oh and the fbx link seems wrong…it´s also linked to the max file.


can we have a max 2011 or 2013 files


Links fixed :wink: Please also share other formats Jojo


I’ll try this one soon…


Nice topic!
I think I’ll try this one…


thank you jojo, can’t wait to start :)


This looks like another great challenge, hopefully I’ll get the time to have a go! thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, I tried to import the fbx in maya, but there are various problems. First problem is the lack of grouping for selections, and many objects are locked (Selecting windows is a nightmare). Second problem are the normals along the pipes, wich are inverted on the bending joints. Third problem, the biggest one, is the lack of UV. Fourth problem, some pieces are probably missing or moved away from their origin.
I found pieces moved away (had to set up far clip on camera up to 2bilion units to see em).

I don’t know if these problems are also present on the 3dsmax version of the scene.
I can try fix those issues and output a file for Maya users, but given the scene complexity it will take some time :slight_smile:
it would be great if someone with 3dmax can export an OBJ version of the scene :slight_smile:


Hello thanks for the feedback
I had checked the maya file but it seems still to have some problem, many thanks in advance if anyone can share a fixed version
there’s the link for max file


I would appreciate it if anyone could upload a max 2014 scene file.



can someone post a picture from the max-file, how the scene should look like?
Also had problems with the FBX.



Hello to All ! So what’s going ? :wink: I’ve tested the obj and everything seems to work. Can anyone share also other format. If you have problem with fbx Please try obj.
@Prestonplatt where are you :wink: ?


Where can I find the .obj file? I see links only for .fbx and .max


Hey Guys,

Ill post a Maya and obj. version tomorrow. I unlocked the normals and gave most the surfaces quick automatic Uv’s. The other objects should also be in the right places since a couple were thrown all over the place when I opened the file.


Links Updated Thanks To Preston !!! Start Posting !!! :wink:


Hi folks! :wavey:

Love lighting challenges ! :applause:

Despite messy scene and geometry, lack of UVs, (looks like it came straight from CAD software) I choose to go “dark” way :slight_smile: to hide lack of model detail and missing texturing. Its quite fun to play with atmosphere of the scene as it gives nice volume in space and same time details.


That’s a great start ! I have to say that I really like the atmosphere and I will be very curious to have a look at the light setup you used ! Also it will be fun to see a version with more dust and smoke. I know that the file have no UV since I thought that probably due the dimension of the scene if someone would like to create a close-up will spend a bit more time manually unwrapping the object interested and leaving a generic shader for the rest, but hey if someone has a UVmapped scene that will be great (BTW cilynder UV and BOX map can do the trick for almost all the scene :wink:
Is anyone interested in adding details ? I can model a bit more of stuff (industrial light and so one) to add to the scene.
I will be greatly interested to see how the scene work in a realtime render (UNREAL ENGINE ETC) so if you want just send me a line and I will be glad to contribute to help :wink:
I’m waiting for more entry ! Rember this is a huge challenge, take your time but also start posting :wink:


Thanks Jojo !

Light setup is basically very simple : 3 spot light for main direct light, left and right sides, another on the back + skydome light for global illumination. All is about to find right angles :slight_smile: intensities and colours.