LC #37 BART Bay Area Rapid Transit


Coming back from vacation next week… keep posting :wink:


Hello to all… so the challenge will run till 15th September and then great news will arrive :wink:


I like the overall atmosphere of the scene… can you please describe the lighting setup in your scene?


Hi again friends, well i had more time to revise the scene, the most hard task is to make a clean scene,look real. I tried to make it more real with minimal dirt and scratches possible .(tough challenge for me!
for the lighting, i decided to use a simple skylight and light portals for each window, I’m much more satisfied with this one .
render took 17 ! hours on my new CPU4790k ( too much glossiness on materials, kills any machine)


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Sure. I have a direct sun light and a sky HDR as fill light. That’s the majority of the lighting. I also have additional area lights, 1 or 2 to support overall lighting and mood. Outside is roughly modeled and textured to get bounce light in the train. That’s pretty much it.



@nitz3D I love the image. I think the background image could be a little different. Maybe an overcast enviornment

@Tunalan Awesome! It has a great feel you did great

Here is what I originally built this model for. It was just a little short animation to try something new and get out of the comfort zone of what I usually do shorts on. It was a bunch of fun to do. Check it out.



Minimalistic and beautiful… That’s how i describe it… Thanks and Cheers!


Sir, i have only one word for you… AWESOME!

It’s amazing how you managed to create such a wonderful and scary short with just a few objects.


Loved it really
the characters are scary really ,nicely done !
!! thanks for sharing!


man that’s awesome!
Glad to see it going animated!


Hi All,

This is my final entry, modified the lighting a bit, added more dirt maps, extended the train about 5 times and added some lowers people I have to the far away cars.


any news on the next challenge please? :bounce:


My Final Image:
Nice works so far


When is a deadline?


tomorrow I will lock the thread :wink: and so you will be able to post on the old challenge thread. I will also upload obj, fbx, and max file of new challenge during this week


this weekend I will upload new file :slight_smile: (after checking it)


Great news jojo1975. Looking forward for the scene. :thumbsup: