LC #37 BART Bay Area Rapid Transit


Hi All,

Made some small changes to the render, the ceiling in the previous one was too dark, also the other cars seen thru the front doors was dark as well.

Here is a raw render with just the exterior lighting:

Here is just the interior lights:

This is the combined interior and exterior lights:

This shows the BART being lighted from the outside by a large sphere used as an area light:

Final 1920 x 1080 took about 18 min to render on a Quad Core i7 Retina MBook pro, including some RT DOF effect.

  • BTW, maybe someone can show me how to embed images properly in a post? Thanks!


Hello to all !
Terrific works so far ! I will give accurate feedback on weekend. Pls keep posting your light setup ! And also why doesn’t anyone try a cartoonish version :)))


Small update. More details added, took down the reflectivity on the seat backs and changed the seats from fabric to a vinyl material. I feel like its missing something still… but I’m not sure what it needs. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Thanks for ur feedback Preston!
You are absolutely right about my shot being too clean.
Unfortunately as u of course know creating worn out and used materials is really time consuming. I don´t have too much freetime at the moment, so I guess it has to be a clean shot…maybe the Bart cleaning workers just went through the cabin :wink:


Hi David,

Right-click over the images at this post and view the Properties of the image links … should give you the info you need to adjust your Dropbox links.



Thanks Hilaire, got the links fixed in my post.

  • David


Hi again !
@Jojo really sorry for late reply …
you were right about the materials,
I’ve managed to change some materials and lights! the renders are taking so long to finish.
(this draft render just took about 6 hours on my old home PC)
I will post Breakdowns with the final work of course.
this is almost raw render with lens flare added and small curve adjustment.
any comments and critics? :slight_smile:


The image links appear broken; you may need to remove the spaces from the filenames and ensure that the permissions on your Dropbox folder are sufficiently relaxed.

Here’s a link that might help sort you out:



I hope I am not too late, Will get started now. The work done so far is inspiring.


Hey Guys…

Really nice works out here…
Here’s my revised view. Just added some dirt. Dint got much time for this. Please have a look at it.

Lighting Setup :-

Used 1 VRayDome light for outside.


@all I’m very glad that people post lighting setup ! this is a challenge but also a place to share and improve :slight_smile:
@nitz3d I like the dirt idea. You should variate a bit the dimensions of the dirt by the way. It seems not too much realistic right now. You should gather some references or just post the reference you used . Lighting seems soft and that’s good but I will try to add a bit of contrast to the overall image. Also I would use a rather wider angle in order to show also the neon that seems light in very good way
The shaders now really improved. Before rerendering everything just use a flat material to check the final stuff :slight_smile: the angle of the camera should be changed a but. Now it cut too much of the seats in front of the camera and also it doesn’t show in a good way the seats in the background of the image. Also the background (I guess it’s an airport) seems too unsaturated in comparison with the other part of the image and so the composite lacks a bit of consistency. What are your settings ? 6 hours seems a lot if you post them we can try to speed up the rendering :wink:
Great start. Can you post the light setup ? Something seems strange for me in the image. You choose a day settings so why are the lamps on ? Also the angle of the shadows seems too low probably with this setup. If you are in cinema, max or maya you can check it using a sunlight system (that will calculate for you the correct angle). The shaders look good even if the overll image even if with the stickers seems still too clean. It’s strange to have stickers around but an immaculate floor :wink: Great work on the leather ! Keep going and post other images :slight_smile:
@raysonate Thanks for posting the setup. The HDRI map really add realism to the image :wink: Great to have found it on hdrlabs ! which is a great site BTW
@Preston your entry is great ! I like a lot the small detail of the chewing gum. Since you have a lot of references I’m curious to know if the ceiling look glossy as in your materials. Since it’s a plastic I guess so but can you post a reference ? I’m just curious
In the spooky image I was at first attracted to the reflectivity of the windows, it seems very strong, but I should check in real life. The cap of the “death” can be lower, how did you pose the cloths ? and finally why don’t you try to give a colder look with a lower temperature of the whole image ? I will be very curious to see the results !
@dwu very nice lighting ! warm like in the background ! add a bit of dirt to the shaders and keep going !
@r-e-w Great images !! There is only one thing that I would change a bit (also in post) no need to rerender. The metals look a bit too shiny. Some small scratch of a less reflectivity (even if you correctly added blur) would ake it perfect ! The leather/plastic material of the seat is just great and all the other shaders ! Thanks for sharing ! Corona seems really a great renderer !
@ All really thanks again for sharing !! I love this challenge !


Thanks for the feedback Jojo & Preston, Yeah I’m currently just adding abit more grime and trash and variation to the shaders, I’ll submit a final entry this week. Corona is awesome and love using it, if you haven’t tried it then do! Also I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s final images! Its been a fun challenge to do, thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Guys! Took some this weekend to try this scene out. Just posting that progress now for some feedback. The matte painting elements are pretty rough, I just started that late Sunday night. The teddy bear is also just kind of comp’ed in there at the moment. I will be taking a pass at detailing everything a bit more and guiding the eye to the teddy bear more. Feedback appreciated! Also, great renders everyone!


Well its deadline time so here are my final images, again I’ve done both Colour and B&W versions. Rendered in Corona A7. This time I used Corona’s camera DoF rather than in post. I took a slightly different approach with the lighting setup, placing Corona light sources by the strip lighting, and only using the Light material to illuminate the translucent panels, it helped reduce noise in the image and they didnt get too blown out. The HDR is the same as before. I added alot more grime, graffiti, litter and scratches to most of the scene.
Its been a fun challenge and I look forward to the next ones! thanks & great renders everyone! :slight_smile:

If you want to see the full res versions they’re here:


Hi again …:slight_smile:

This is the final shot ,I will attach the shot before composition and a little breakdown.

this is the render before post production

post production done in Adobe After Effects .

And here is a little breakdown :

I tried to minimize the time for texturing and more focus on shading , specially progressive 3d/2d maps inside 3ds max. most of the shaders doesn’t have texture (everything except wooden part of chair, light-bulbs and the signs[of course] doesnt have texture.
I rendered the scene in Vray 3.01

@jojo thanx for the feedback , I really enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot.:slight_smile:


Had some time to dive into this scene today! It’s a great model and the work in this thread is amazing as usual

Not a lot of texturing etc but it’s something nonetheless:

I decided to use Blender + Octane Render! I’m pretty new to Blender so it was awkward but fun to set up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Guys,

I know i am a bit late but couldn’t manage the time for this one. But here’s the final image from my side.


Here is my final image.

Cheers :beer:


[QUOTE=Tunalan]I’m about done with this one as well… Still trying to figure out a decent background.
Hi Tunalan
Like the contrasty and a bit mysterious atmosphere. As to the background, why not check on, your image reminds me of ‘papermill ruin’ in the HDR image archive.


This is my rough pass done using Maya + Arnold


Nikhil :slight_smile: