LC #37 BART Bay Area Rapid Transit


Thanks very much funky, that worked perfectly.


you´re welcome :slight_smile:


@funkygfx Thanks! So odd because when I import I have no flipped normals. I even tested Vray/ Arnold/ Mental ray in some render tests. This was the base model I had before I started building the short so maybe something went wrong. Glad we got that sorted out though!

Cant wait to see what you come up with.


How do u check the normals?
In Maya I turn off “two sided lighting” and check “use default material”.
Normally u can see the flipped normals then. (this was the case with ur model)

In some cases especially when working with CAD-Data the normals look fine with two sided lighting off, but turn black when u switch it back on.
If this happens the vertex normals are pointing in the oppsite direction of the polygon normals…
Our TD wrote a script to align vertex and polygon normals…works in some cases…
Maya and normals is an endless annoying topic…


@funkygfx Oh dont get me started I know exactly what you mean. I deal with tons of CAD and Solid Works models and the Normals are always a mess. I usually use the good ol Viewport 2.0 to check with that scenario and it usually spots them. It wasn’t effecting my renders so I guess I just missed it.

For the Normals issue with CAD and such, I use a V-ray 2 sided shader with the same material piped in and it works wonders. You can also slide that slider to the right on the 2 sided shader a little and get some nice translucency as well haha.


Good tip.

I typically use the Display > Normals and set the length to a smaller value than default … makes it easier to see if the geometry needs some “love”. :slight_smile:

If it does, I usually do a Normals > Conform which usually sorts things out … at the very least, it helps reduce the number of reverse normals to correct.



oh and one more offtopic normals thing…
what to do if u have a CAD-mesh with locked normals which are flipped?
When unlocking u can reverse them, but the smoothing angles of the polygons are lost and the mesh looks like crap…I don´t have a workaround for that so far


Hi all! Here’s my take on this challenge. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to post this in the end because I basically just wanted to play with it and get back to 3D and all that by doing so.

Anyways, this BART was rendered in 3dsmax with VRay. I did some contrast and color adjustments in Photoshop as well, added some minor details and finally gave it a bit of glow and lens effects in AE.

Hope you like it, at least it was fun working on it! Thanks and keep it up.


Hi funkygfx,

Thanks for fixing the normals. Would it be possible for you to save out an .obj version of the file? Thanks!


Hello dwu,

I created an obj for as well as a fbx (so u won´t loose all the groups)
Download here:





Hey, had plenty of bad normal’s when i imported the original .obj in max. Nomatter what i tried.

Then i tried funkygfx’s .fbx version and it worked like a charm. Thanks funkygfx!

Here’s the link to his post for those with the same problem

I recommend that the op puts a link to this fbx in his original post aswell.


updated :wink: first post !


Here´s what I came up with so far.
I´m testing the redshift renderer with this project which quite impressed me.
It´s like a vray/mental ray hybrid with best of both worlds.
Very fast due to being gpu based, but without the memory limitation other gpu renderers have.
Check it out if you are interested, it´s definately worth a look!


First wip render…

Nothing much going on here yet. Curves adjustments, despeckle and denoise in photoshop.
Sorry for the noise but i dont have much time for clean test renders :slight_smile:

Everything with the blue shader still needs to be replaced with another material.

*edit: replaced image with slighty higher res & less noise.



Hi folks,
This is the first time to post my work here (not in old challenge forum, finally!). The idea is to give some vintage oriental look by setting up BART car is in somewhere tunnel. Wish you like it and welcome critics!

raysonate.explore 's BART_light_progress_140617 on Flickr


Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I am new so I have some question:

  1. SIGN UP: Until ?
    2.SUBMIT DATE: ?


Just Testing :slight_smile:


You can entry when you want…
Deadline will be end of July.
post your wip :wink:


Hey, new update… :slight_smile:

With and without white balance.

Again sorry for the noisy renders but these are just draft renders…


Hi guys!
Here’s my WIP, still so much work to do( lighting/texturing/tuning the shaders). I’m so busy these days but i will try to finish it a soon as possible. :slight_smile: