LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"



It’s my first step in Landscape Contest.

I know I’ve got a little time but let’s try.

This view is my favorite, so I’ll try to make render as close as possible:

…And here is my firs render:

For now there’s no materials except glass, tree (temporary) and grass…

A LOT of work to do :wink:


Dear jojo,

Can you simplify my work a little :wink: and give me info which trees are to use in Farnsworth House?

Anybody knows what species of trees are there, except main black maple?

I’m not a vegetation specialist :wink: and it takes me forever to match them :wink:


sorry for the late reply
you can find all the info about vegetation here /wiki/Silver_Springs_State_Fish_and_Wildlife_Area

and to ALL

KEEP GOING !! and remember to post your final image !! the deadline for all challenge is 31st DECEMBER 2013 :wink:


Dear jojo,

Thank you very much!

I thought the deadline for this competition is 30th of September 2013, as stated here:

For LC #32: Architectural Landmark “intermezzo” you MUST post your final image in this thread[b] before 30th of Semptember 2013

[/b]Now I just don’t understand what’s going on :wink: cause you just wrote us to keep going…

Isn’t this Competition closed?


I thought the same thing, but if we have more time, Great. I have been really busy and this extend of the deadline gives me the opportunity to finish the scene. :buttrock:


Hello, I’ve update the rule them all thread. I’ve seen that lot of people have interest in taking part only to one or two challenge so, to have more entries I thought it would be good to keep all the “subchallenge” open till the 31st of December.
After the 31st everyone will be “judged” by how many images would have finished and eventually be eligible for the prize of Rule them All, or for a “selected” gallery for individual subthread ! Hope this help and sorry for creating the misunderstanding ! My fault :wink:


I felt like doing a sidestep to do something different with the Farnsworth house.

The technique used involves Maxwell rendering with physical sky/sun and one emitter, plust the excellent “Multilight” feature (so both these images are 1 render, just changed intensities of each light source when the render is finished).

Finally some post (using a Sony compact camera) to make the renders look like watercolor paintings. :arteest:


After the deadline… but here is another one of the Tadao Ando Koshino house interior.