LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


Hi jojo1975,

I am currently working on this scene, but it will take a while as I am paying attention to small details. If no one else has nothing to show, for me is fine to close this challenge. :thumbsup: I will keep working on it.

Right now I am working with different types of grass to add more realism.
Here is an update:


@jojo1975 I thought this might happen :wink: here is my final on the other angle I did before, I forgot to post. Im done with this challenge and thanks for this one it was a ton of fun. Let me know if you do a final gallery


Here is my wip no post work . i will add some grass and trees tothe final image.

]( Uploaded with[/IMG]


batcha love the materials and the light. Look forward to check your final image. :thumbsup: And Chrisis how hard is to create a small animation so we can see it?


@ batcha astonishing start, pls keep posting.
Also I will wait a few times for more entry. And what about exploring different angles for this competition ? there will be a final gallery :wink: (and probably also cake ! :)))
@preston. Very solid entry. i like the contrast of colors and the light is very soft and gentle, well done
@cyrus, keep going !
@chrisis, I’m really curious on seeing this rt experiment. why don’t’ you try a cinematic ? a video will be awesome
@nicelife, waiting for the new renders with changed light
@mblues. You still have time to tweak the scene if you desire. The shaders need a bit of work (translucency on the curtains) Also I will soft a bit the shadows. keep going !
@FeD I really want more from you ! Pls post more :slight_smile:
This challenge is going strong ! Please keep posting :wink:


Thanks for the interest guys! Totally planning on making a vid, got got swept into another project I need to finish.
@cyrus waiting for the final renders :wink:


Hi Chrisis,

I am working on that. I am gathering and modeling some samples of grass and all the small plants you can find in the nature. I think that this weekend I can start working more on the external materials. I need to find a texture to exterior tiles.

I create a specific post for this work -> Farnsworth House


Thanx jojo1975
Thanx cyrus3v

I am working on trees and out side grass right now only problem i am facing with trees is there random color values of leaves. i will surely post some images this weekend. definitely i will try to light other angles of this later.



The problem I am getting with the grass is that I am not getting much variation that I want, even using alpha maps. I am using Multiscatter plugin. :argh:

Are you using Forest Pack plugin?


@jojo: The past weeks were filled with work but I finally have some time this weekend to finish the renders and the post.


Here is My Wip 02 No post work. Maya And Mental Ray.

]( Uploaded with[/IMG]

Still working on The Trees and grass. any help with the horizon line will be appreciated (What do i do with it ??) can’t afford to add more trees also i don’t want to blur them that much :frowning:



Hello very one.

How do i blur the trees in reflection?? i am tring with depth pass but its only giving me inside house value’s? There is a glass sheet in kitchen and the trees are visible. I want them to get blurred as well. Any help please i have tried everything in my knowledge. :banghead: .



Are you using the Reflection pass? You can mask the areas you want to blur and use the reflection pass with blur.


Still working with the lawn:



Thanks for the tip. Any help with getting that blur information in depth pass(Reflection blur ,Refraction blur)or a direct render with in maya without comp?



I just notice you are using mental ray. There is an option in the mental ray material which allows you to have blurry reflections. As soon I get home I will check that for you.


Hi folks,
here is my final entry. I finally managed to finish it and it was worth to do the feedback I got here. Thank you very much for that.

I re-worked the lighting and did several shader tweaks for the wood and leather. I also modeled the floor and gave it different stone texture. I also re-modeled the bed to look more like the original one I found here:

I also changed the fur on the carpet. I made the hairs longer, thicker and denser.
Hope you like it.

@cyrus: The grass work looks really nice. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.

@batcha: I really like the background work you did. The tree leaves look very nice here. Have you done them with SSS?
I would remove the stool at the bottom right because the geometry of the button looks a little of here. You also should add some refraction color to the glass table to get a blue greenish tint on the sides which is typical for glass. I am looking forward to the final image.


Thankyou!! @nicelife :bounce:

I have corrected the glass shader and replaced stool with a small plant as per your suggestion and its realy looking better now. I have also managed to add more trees Hurray!! tree leaves are done with mentalray mia_meterial with translucency.

cyrus3v grass looks fantastic 5!!. I figured out the solution for reflection blur .Added DOF lens shader in the camera :slight_smile: and its working.

Can someone explain what is best way to create curtain cloth shader ? SSS, Translucency or any other method ? All are giving different results i am confused. i will post the final images soon.



nicelife your image is fantastic. I like the warm color and subtle leaf shadows. I am glad that you and batcha liked my grass. I am trying to find the perfect balance between the different types of grass that we can find.

batcha, I was thinking that a material can reflect like a mirror unless you change the glossiness or maybe in your case you can use a specular map to add some variation to your reflection. That is one thing I am also doing using a specular map for my materials to add that touch of realism.

Have a look at this article Materialism


I did a quick walk through of my photoshop file. You can watch it here.

In modo I did the same thing with simple SSS for the curtains meaning setting scattering distance to 0 which in your case with mental ray should be the translucency. So similar to the leaves. In post I then added an AO pass to the curtains (multiply and 50% opacity) to get some details back which were blown out by the light. Found that one by accident :).

@cyrus: Glad you like it.