LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


@Ziye-Liu : Really artistic works !

@T-R : Awesome even if we can’t see the house in details. I really love the mood. What about the nature? Did you use Vue x-stream? And what about render time ?

@nicelife : Good. May be the indoor and the nature outdoor are too bright.

@chrisis : Nice work. Can’t wait a full version with furniture

@Preston : To my mind the wood in the kitchen is a little bit red yet. And may be you can try to hook up the wood species betwen kitchen and the foreground. Also too much coin i think so and i don’t really understand the coffee stains on it.
I really like the rest of the image and specially the dof.
And about the curtains i’m not convinced by the too high translucency in comparison with the light outside.

@funkygfx : Great image even if there is too much grass in your composition for me. Almost half of the image.

@neotrixstdr : Awesome work ! Could you give words about the making of the nature ?

@Tugmaster : May be you can work more on the sky. It’s too white i think so.

Well here it is my next version with a more vintage look with the leather. I work on the nature outside using an acer rubrum given by Jojo1975. I would like to have a full 3d nature.
About the render time, 9 hours for this one (it’s pretty much i know). I also changed the transluscency settings.


@cyrus3v yes, i add fog in the scene but it’s done in the post.

i’m thinking of adding some volumetric god rays right now. Thx @cyrus3v for the hint of “dust” i will try with it, would add more realism to the scene with a little bit of dust . :slight_smile:

@Tit-Co : thanks ~!:slight_smile:


Oh no, I’ve missed this challenge ! There is still one night … maybe i’ll try a speed test.

Many nice render, I dont have time to comment them, but overall great work all of you.

Nice to see you here Tit-Co :slight_smile: it’s a long time !


@FeD : Eheh ! It was strange for me not to see you here ! This challenge was made for you !! :surprised
May be the dead line will be extended and if not you can make it out of date. Time to work on it :wink:


Wow, more and more awesome art appearing! There are so many great visuals here.

For the cry-farnsworth, this is as about as far as I can get right now. Turned out curtains are quite hard to do in cryengine (transparency), but they actually have physics… Would have to do the furniture outside the challenge. Definitely a good learning experience, though!


Tit-Co : I here i’am :cool:

[u]Chrisis :[/u] So this is realtime ? very nice ! this Cryengine look very robust, I'm interrested in the prosses you use to do an render like this, the only thing I dont link with many of these realtime engine, is the glows it put every where, it look "magic" but not realistic.

Finaly, I motivated my self this night :)

I tried to mimic one of the picture in the references, this one :

And "voila" my contribution to this challenge, I hope you like it :

I used Maya Mental-ray with FG 2 bounces, Sun&sky, lens_boken [i](this one killed my render times..2h30 in 3000x2250)[/i]

CC are welcome ! if I have time I'll work on it later, there is some big work to do with the vegetation :s

Thank you jojo1975 for this lighting challenge, your scene was great !


One this Making Of you can have an idea how to add some dust. -> Dust

I am still working on the lighting and jump to the materials. :arteest:

FeD, perhaps the glass is too reflective?


@FeD Thanks! And awesome render you’ve got, one have to take some time to tell which is the photo! The speed you did this in… amazing.

Btw, cryengine is a game engine (unlike many others on the market, like lumion), so you just make a game level and take a screenshot. I agree with you; seems glow/bloom is really a big thing in rt engines.


Here my final rendering

I also will provide the walkthrough of my scene. But that I have to prep first.

I am excited for the other finals. Good luck everyone.


Hi all, render n°2

Color inspiration from this picture “hb-entire-exterior.jpg” <= in the references files

cyrus3v : you’re true the glass seem to be too reflective, but I think i’ts because of the environement too, on the first reference, we can not see the sky because of the forest. and i did not fill all the “sky hole”, I tried to lower the reflectivity and filled with more tree so the sky dont blow up in my reflection, I think it’s better now ?

Chrisis : thank you for the nice words. Question : so it’s not possible to delet the glows in Cryengine.

nicelife : nice render, maybe the interior is a little bit too bright , and some DOF on the tree could make it look even more real.


@FeD there is a way to tone bloom down, but I don’t know if it’s possible to get rid of it completely. Maybe with a console variable.
Speaking of which, crydev website seems to be down so I can’t check… or log in cryengine to change the project. Sort of glad I did the image last night and did not postpone for today…

@nicelife Looking good! Vegetation is now quite nice and works really well with the entire scene.

Really awesome to see all the different styles and approaches. Good luck to everyone!


Hi FeD,
I like your new version even better. The mood and lighting is very nice. I noticed some FG artifacts at the ceiling and the leave drop a rectangle shape. Did you notice that?

Thanks for the comments. The dof is already rendering because photoshop did a crappy job with a depth pass. So I render it in 3D.
Your the second one who finds it too bright. I think I darken it a bit.


I added dof. Which was really necessary in the foreground and I have redone the grading.

This is now my last one:

It was real fun doing this LC and as Chrisis already said its interesting to see the total different styles and approaches here.


Hello to all ! So a bit of feedback,and I’ve also thought to delay a bit the deadline. Also there will be a new schedule of the LC challenges and of news will arrive soon !

@ nicelife. About shader the wood is a bit too reflective and also I think you can tru to change the dimension of the texture. I will change the carpet material also or eventually take it out. It’s very bright and a bit distracting. there are good tuts about carpet around :slight_smile: a good start is this one :wink:
Also I will try a version without the flowers and with a different texture of the marbles.
I love the curtain shader ! it’s very well done like the leather one (try a black texture or a total white one to add contrast to the image.
About lighting I will try a more contrasted approach to make the image more “round”
@ Fed. That’s a terrific start ! I like the post processing and the approach ! that’s the spirit of the challenge :wink: mimic a real life picture :slight_smile: You need to tweak a bit the foliage that now seems “floating” on the air. Also i will add a bit of occlusion (just an occlusion pass in composite for example) and I would low a bit the reflectivity of the marble. Please keep posting.
@T-R terrific start. pls post some more camera angle !
@Ziye-Liu. I love to see other interpretation of this challenge. Just try to give a bit less reflectivity to the surface (just a bit) and post more :wink:
@Chiris. I’m very glad to see a real time animation. I would like to do sooner or later a realtime lighting challenge. Can you please PM me for details ?
@ All pls kep posting ! :wink:


@cyrus3v: thanks for the link! that’s an amazing tutorial.

@jojo1975: i’ll look into the reference photos and make sure i get the concrete surface right. it’s true that they’re a little bit too reflective now.


Here is my final image.
made with Maxwell and C4D
Hope you like it.


Since we all got a little more time on that I will do a re-approach to the lighting. Thanks jojo for your feedback. I will work on that. Here is my new lighting in comparison of the old one.

I also redone the floor and it will get a new texture as well which fits the original much more.


Here is my update. I was able to put some more work into it over the weekend and Im pretty happy with it. This is the low res version but it shows the shot well enough. I might try to do some heavy post process color wise but for now im ok with it. The beanie also bugs me maybe its the scale. anywho First some feedback

@T-R Your image looks awesome. Great feel. Maybe throw that dirt on the building smaller and add some more subtle stuff to the building. Right now i look and Im mostly drawn to the trees. I want to focus on the building.

@Ziye-Liu very nice angle and feel I would work on the wood. It has a plastic feeling to it. Maybe a spec map with a bit more gloss.

@FeD Looking pretty damn photo real. the leaves are the only thing bugging my eye. Feels like there is a occlusion pass. I think adding just a little detail like some dirt or just something to add a little variation could go a long way. awesome stuff

@nicelife I really like where you are going. Work on the leather a little more and the wood on the inside framing and it will really pop. keep going


So … a lto of people was asking for more time… you got it… where are the new renders ? :wink:


Good point :smiley:

I didn’t quite get the news on the extension, but I kept working on it anyways… Got some interior going… sort of.