LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


Prestonplatt, I can understand you but some folks only now saw this challenge. And don’t forget that:

The challenge is not to put an HDR but to reproduce the lighting as you will see in the references attached. to viewer should have the feeling to view at an architectural book.

And so far we have really good renders, but I have not seen nothing like the reference images. It’s up to jojo1975, but for example I would love to see more work from Chrisis, PurpleRainbow and Hamburger.

Actually, I feel that we could get much more from these challenges. For example, if we share how we get the result, not only that helps a new guy, but also is a help for us. We can get some help to improve the workflow or the way we do the post-production, etc.
Or at least is what I intend to do.


Walwop, you have a really good start. My advice is to leave the DOF for last, that will speed up your renders.


Walwop…found my login details to my other account

Thanks for the tip mate! I started another render last night and it is still going on this morning, hehe.

Can anyone tell me why i have those white hotspots on the chair?


Are you using low settings? Check your material subdivision also use color pixel mapping.


Pretty much, yeah.

Thanks for tip! So, what is an generally good material subD value?


@cyrus3v The forum needs to keep moving along thats what keeps it alive. If someone is now just finding it they should be excited for what is to come. My scenes actually have a number of light sources but with the way arch vis has progressed over the years it would be foolish not to use some sort of hdri map for at least an atmospheric color / reflection. One of my favorite things about these forums is seeing where people take the lighting and feel and sure maybe some people have not gone exactly as the reference images are but this is an art form. Also I would love to see you post some work on here at some point…

@abuha there are easy ways to set up post process depth of field and its incredibly efficient and fast. If you are working in maya I can give you a really quick awesome way.

Still working on polishing up my final images for the final gallery cant wait for the next.


Using 3ds max, Can the same workflow be used in max?


And I agree with you, the forum needs to keep moving, but that doesn’t mean we should rush the things. So far, only two users expressed their opinion, let’s hear what the others have to say.

In my opinion you missed the point when I quoted the jojo1975. For me, what he meant was: “don’t rely only on hdri map”, because many artists think that a hdri map is a solution for everything. I am pretty sure he didn’t want someone to look at the scene and say: Oh, let’s use an HDRI map, some post-production and is done. Next.

I don’t want to sound rude, but if you still have the opportunity to work in the other building. And the reason why so far I didn’t show anything is because I have been really busy working in several projects and only this weekend I will have the time to start doing something. It’s not for me because even if the deadline is not extended I will still work on this scene, but I want to see more from the previous users I mentioned.

I miss seeing something like I saw at Natural History challenge.


abuha there is a render pass you can use later, called VrayZDepth.


Yeah absolutely. Please extend the deadline. Since I have a deadline for a huge project next week I had only a hand full hours left to work on this challenge in my free time. And I really want to do more on it.


Continue working on this challenge. I’m also finishing modelling for the next :slight_smile:
I will allow to finish these one of course. After this challenge I will also try to organize another schedule :slight_smile: Giorgio


@ cyrus3v thank you! glad you like it :slight_smile:
Dunno if I can get that book visual felling in cry, but worth giving it a try :wink:

I wanted to work a bit more on the vegetation, but I guess I can use whatever is available in the default assets with the engine. Gotta put some furniture though, or at least curtains.


Here my second wip after I tweaked the lights and especially the leather. The goal for me is to do as much as possible with procedural textures.
The next thing is to break it up into useful layers (background, carpet,…) and bake some procedurals to get the render times down. This shot took over eight hours on my mac book in 2k resolution.

with a bit of photoshop:

clean render:

I will try to give a small scene breakdown by tomorrow. To show the leather shader, lighting and how I used the render passes in modo.


I love the progression and lighting. Wish I had an image to add. I just wanted to compliment everyone on their awesome work.


Chrisis you are doing a fantastic job and I checked your website and saw really good jobs using CryEngine. How hard is comparing with 3ds max, for example?

Does anyone know where I can get this table and the cabinet?


@Nicelife wow, definitely nailed the color & the feel! Sweet!

@Cyrus really happy you liked it. And thanks for checking my website!

Well it is definitely more work to do in cryengine (not necessary harder). It takes a lot of modeling, though; everything has to be game-ready. Btw the entire house was remodeled :)

I do believe cry is the next big thing in archi-viz (or certainly hope so). It really gives a completely different experience over a given project. And yeah, I'm sure many people will be skeptical about it, but just recently I rendered an animation of an older commercial project done in cryengine. The entire process (render to edited video) for a 2 minute animation was like 2 hours and the quality of the render was close to a mediocre vray animation :) 

Also, there are certain thing you can only do in cry. As in why just do the farnsworth house, when you can do the entire area ;). Here is a view at the Fox river:

Here is what the map looks from above (only has trees around the visible areas):


Thanks for your compliments. I am not quiet there yet and still have to do tweak some shaders and look it a bit more natural in the lighting. Especially the dynamic from exterior and interior. Here the trees need more contrast and bruned out highlights. But first I have to get my render times in order. It’s rendering over 8 hours for a 2k res and that’s way to much…

You don’t really face that problem with your approach using the cry engine. Really like that and the areal shots are really looking good. Do you think you will finish some interior shots as well?
I totally agree with you about real time render engines and archviz or in other productions. They have their weaknesses but if you need to be very flexible till the end about animation or camera perspective it is a huge benefit. I might dig into cry after the challenge.


I have a Maya Vray combo here:


So many beautiful works been posted, this challenge is getting more and more exciting!

My version is the Koshino house, and I pick the corridor as my point of view:

and it’s really amazing how the sunshine changes the mood here, I’m trying to finish this as a time-lapse animation:

another one, slightly different time of the day:

This is from the same place yet another camera angle:

Koshino House is one of my favorite, it’s good to see such huge amount of good works being posted here.
Anyway, I started this late but I wish I could push it further.

[edit on May, 30]
Just forget to mention that I used Maya + Mental Ray in these rendering, in order to practice and explore the possibility of new software and technique. Definitely, 3ds max + VRay combination is my favorite all the time! But it’s always good to try new stuff. :slight_smile:

Software is just our tools, what’s more important is our eyes.


T-R and Ziye-Liu fantastic works. Ziye-Liu did you try to add some fog and dust in the air? :slight_smile: