LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


Thanks for the kind words james. Its just VRayLightDome and a VRaySun.

Most of the images looks are from post production in Lightroom.


Hello there’s a bit of feedback :slight_smile:
@neotrixstdr really awesome image. I love the vegetation ! about shader. I will change the shader of the curtain. It looks too transparent. and reflect too much light ! I will also add a bit more variation to the grass. Also I’m waiting for a less noisy render :wink: and to see a bit more angles of the scene. Try to use also different angles and try the interior :slight_smile:
@SharinSri I like the overall composition and the choice for a night illuminatyion. Try to denioise a bit, and watch out for too much GI (there a strange glow in the pillars of the house)ù
@Hamburger I like a lot your images the light is very gentle. My favorite are the night one. Just two idea. The first is… why dont’ you try a variation after adding a dirt mask (you dont’ need to rerender in post you should do the trick !) and also why dont’ you try an interior shot of farnsworth house ? it can be good to have both interior and exterior for comparison :wink:
@Andreas. I like your image a lot. Very good shader and good light, but in my opinion the camera is too high why dont’ you try a shot from a lower angle ? I think it will add “drama” to your image. Also I will move a bit the trees on the left now they make the image too “cluttered” :slight_smile:
@Preston. Very good image. I will be glad to see a less red wood and also less noisy image. :slight_smile: I like the DOF and also the overall composition. (the shader of the curtain is very good ! perfect translucency) but why dont’ you contrast a bit more the image ? I think it will improve a bit :wink:
@anishsreedhar I like the lighting but please add more trees on the background :slight_smile: Also try to give a bit more DOF (to focus also the second chair) keep going !
@Voigg. I will lower a bit the camera, and change the floor with a less reflective material. Keep going and post more !
@Purple rainbow I like the idea of a room full of light. The shader of the wood need a bit more variation (all the natural surface has imperfection !) pls post more !
to all !!! KEEP POSTING !!!


@jojo1975 Thanks for the feedback. from your advice I changed the red and changed just a slight amount of contrast I might crank it a little more

Also added a subtle tree shadow to the curtains I feel like it helps the composition. Im feeling pretty good about this one I might move to rendering an outdoor scene I tend to find these indoor ones to be a little more fun and challenging.

The leather on the chair has been a little frustrating. Im still trying to get it right. Im starting to really enjoy mental ray as apposed to Vray.


thanks for the feedback JoJo!
Here´s an updated version


Wow! There’s some great work on the past 2 pages I just looked at!

@funkygfx - That’s terrific! Wow! What a great rendering. I’m not 100% convinced by the lighting on the trees: maybe there could be less light from the house, or the light from the house could be concentrated lower down or on the right, and there could be a bit more sense of light from the sky or translucency in the leaves where they are in front of the brighter sky? (Especially translucency in the far left part of what’s visible.) They can be dark, as long as they don’t go below the level of blue fill everything else is getting, and they look translucent. The highlight in the corner of the house looks like a very perfect circle, maybe the throw pattern from that post light would be shadowed more on the top and bottom? These are tiny issues in an image that’s already terrific, though, great job!

@prestonplatt - Great work! Maybe the shaders could be improved a bit: it seems as if there’s a lot of contrast in between the white and black surfaces of the drawers, when the specular at least could be more similar, the red in the wood really pops out from the rest of the image and might go down by a hair, and the metal reflection (on the lamp and teapot) seems a bit bright on the front-facing parts (fresnel settings). Also, the white part of the reflections looks very flat, where things are toned down in a reflection you sometimes get more color, for more of the look of a high dynamic range reflection. I think the scale of the quarters and pennies needs to be double-checked, too.

@neotrixstdr - Really nice scene there. I wonder if the sky should be brighter, just so the clouds don’t look darker than the porch roof of the building. Also, the shadow area under the building might get a bit more fill light, it looks like so much sky fill on the lower building, and so much fill light inside, that I’d expect at least some of that blue fill, and maybe reflections and highlights, on the shadowed grass.

@SharinSri - Nice scene! I wonder if the lower part of the building looks a little over-bright compared to the ground under it in places, if that could be seated better into the environment.

@Hamburger - Nice work! For the night scenes, it looks as if there’s some fog or atmospheric perspective on the trees, which is fine, but so of the more distant dark parts of the building could use a slightly higher black level to make it look like it was in the same fog. Also, seeing things through glass sometimes adds some reflection or glare, so the chair looking that black in some of the night shots maybe it could be lifted up a little in tone.



Hello Jeremy,
thanks a lot for your kind words and your valuable feedback!
I really appreciate it and I´ll try to work on the problems u mentioned.



Hi all,
here are my first wip images of the Farnsworth House. All done in modo 701.

Final camera:

Some re-arranging of the props and lighting:

And here with a quick and dirty photoshop post:

I still have to find and paint a proper backplate and still tweak the lighting and some materials. I really hope I have some time to create an exterior shot as well. And then go for a night shot like funkygfx. I really must say these are brilliant looking images.


Jeremy, Jojo thanks for yuor comments, i will try to work on your advices and try to improve the scene. I am still trying to work on the nature, is hard to catch a realistic look. I will try to put the big tree and see if that help.


Due to the fact that I´ll go on a US westcoat roadtrip next sunday and will be off for the next three weeks I declare this my final image :slight_smile:
I tried to fix the things Jeremy mentioned in his post and I´m happy with the outcome although there´s always more than enough space for improvements.
Thanks for a cool topic Jojo, I´m really looking forward to the next challenge.


I’m jumping in a bit late. This is my first test render. I still have a lot of work to do with the tree foliage,textures and lighting. I usually don’t work with these types of scenes so I need all the crits. and help I can get. Thanks!


Hi all

Here is another try for the interior view. Also i’m trying an exterior view but my laptop has bad performance then i’m not sure i will be able to render something so… i keep going and let’s see !


Here is yet another Wip

@jeremybirn Having your feedback in here like the old days is awesome so thank you for that and your notes have been greatly appreciated.

@funkygfx awesome final. I hope you are having some good times out here :cool:

@neotrixstdr Image is looking great only issue is the Vray Dirt shader you have going on. Id tone it down or make a map of your own thats more organic. Looks good though.

Some just very minor changes that had been suggusted. Brought down the darks in the handles as well as fixed the scale issue with the coins. I tried resolving the issue with the dead reflextions and the change has been very subtle. I just added a little dirt and took down the reflect. its taking the drapes into consideration leading to the flat white. I might do some overriding of the reflections. My next will be the for the final gallery. This challenge was great


Wow, some quality art in this challenge!

 I really wanted to join, but started a bit late :\ My plan was to make the Farnsworth house... in CryEngine! So far all I have is some very early wips. And on top of that, CryEngine hdr setup is like impossible to negotiate with :)


Ok, so I got a bit carried away on this one… Something different though <shrugs>


Hello guys, I want to make time to attend a Lighting Challenge.
The time is short, but I’ll try. I’ll work on the Farnsworth house (this house is beautiful!). I’m thinking about how to do it after rain.

position of the camera.

preview light and materials testing

enviroment and material testing.

(People I do not speak English, I translated it through google, I’m sorry if there are some spelling errors.)

See ya


this challenge is going great ! I’m also very interested in seeing the realtime rendering of this one ! I think an extension of deadline can be good. What do you think about it ?


I totally agree. Please, if everyone agree, extend the deadline, maybe the end of June??? :smiley:

Chrisis, great idea. I look forward to see more.


this thread is oozing with awesomeness!

My laptop is a real slacker so a hours to get a render of even this poor quality, Wish i could afford a better rig.

Come at me guys I need all criticism i can get.



I am against the idea of extending because Im eager to get to a new challenge. This one has already been extended which I was excited about but im getting burnt out of it now. but here is an idea maybe extend the deadline for this but release the new challenge as well. I see no reason why that wouldn’t work.

@walwop Great start I would brighten it up a bit. Or atleast the highlight areas. I know you are probably going for a dark image but right now there isn’t enough light to grab your eyes attention. Keep going


Thanks mate.

You are absolutely right, it is under exposed.

I wish there was some sort of exposure metering system in vray like real photography cameras that would make it easier to expose for a particular part of an image rayher when using vray sun.
Or, am I missing something.