LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


overall needs more detail, textures, objects… Blender, Cycles


I found this pdf. Might be useful if you are working with the Fransworth House.


2nd wip


@funkygfx very nice has an awesome feel

Alright here is my first WIP of a new angle. going to go for a more vintage look and explore what it takes to get that realistic feel. here is just a base LOW res render of the comp. needs a bunch of work



Added some more light sources to get the lighting a bit more “right”
did some color correction. Still a bunch of work to be done im happy where its heading. Still super low res


Hello Preston and thanks for your comment!

I really like ur first image and the second one is looking nice so far, but in my opinion the wooden front looks kind of “reddish”, a bit too bright and thus catches too much attention.
The Color bleeding on the ceiling is a little strong as well, but might go away when rendering with more samples.
The perspective is great although I don´t understand why there´s a chair in front of the kitchenette :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents.


@funkygfx thanks and I agree it was a little too red. I do want a bit of a red tone to the wood though. Im trying to somewhat re create one of the sample images. in that image the chair was in this position and i dont know why but I love it sitting there even though its out of place


Ok I added more detail on this now. Im not sure Im happy with the outdoors yet. From here I want to add detail and further refine the comp and colors. Still figuring it out

Maya, Mental ray. Image based HDRI with 3 Area Lights



Made some quick changes and rendered it out in high quality
Still thinking about things to make it better


Good progress Preston!
I also have another WIP here:


Great challenge!

I chose the Ando scene.

Here’s two views so far, I’m thinking of a couple more and also some night shots

Draft settings @ 7 mins, I fear the final quality ones will take an hour or two… :banghead:


Nice mood and colors Hamburger.
The grass looks pretty good too!
What software are u using?

I´m definetly looking forward to see a final rendering.


Thanks funkygfx, I’m using Maya and V-Ray.


Final dusk shots:

Waiting on the night shots to finish rendering, will upload them later hopefully a couple hours to go.


Night versions.


Hey Guys,

Here is My Version of the Challenge…
Just Grey Version with lighitng setup…
Also may be change the position of the trees in future…

Uploaded with

C&Cs are welcome…


My first attempt with fansworth house. I must try diferent camera postions and daytimes. I hope to upload more images tomorrow, but this is the basic for the scene.


I think i´m out of date, but this is the more far away i can go. I will try to continue with this scene and put images in the old challenges post.


the deadline was delayed :slight_smile: a while ago you’re still on time :wink: keep posting I will post detailed feedback on the new images at the end of the week :slight_smile:


—===—===— DEADLINE 31st OF MAY 2013 12.00 CET—===—===—


The lighting on these shots is incredible Hamburger, I feel like I’m there. I can almost smell the grass! This was all done without HDR lighting?

Is there anywhere I can read up about how to achieve lighting like this? Books?