LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


I’m having problems too with Softimage 2012.5 to open the file :sad:


I can export as a Collada file if want to or as obj with different settings.

I am using 3ds Max and Maya and is fine here.


If you can try it would be great! :bounce:


Using 3ds Max 2012 I exported the obj as

Collada file:


FBX file:


I had some problems in displaying the scene in the viewport but now it works! Thanks a lot!!!


Glad I could help you. I am still working a few aspects in the model and then I will start thinking in the composition.

I am going to apply some useful things I learned here:

Photographic Approach in Architectural Visualisation


Well, the .obj format exported from Max and Maya is not the .obj format that most non-AD apps are able to read consistently. Can only assume it includes something proprietary to AD. Also look out for flipped polygons and normal maps.


Here is my contribution for this challenge.
Done with Maya and v-ray. 3 rect lights, 1 sphere light and 1 hdri.
There is too much furniture i think so but anyway…:wink:
Critics are welcome.

Nice work and good lighting approach !
And thanks for your help …:wink:


hi, here is my attempt on the contest… I look up images of the interrior of the house and try to mimic one of the hopefully photograph of the house, because it could very well be a very good 3d render :), I wanted to thank Luciano for being so kind to lend us the model.

     any thoughts and critiques are welcome...


Updated texture for the wall, but something wrong with the alignment of layers that will need looking into.
Anyway, also used dynamics simulation to drape a cloth over the couch.
Changed the camera angle as well.

Edit Fixed the texture locators - but still room for improvement with respect to getting a closer look compared to the real concrete slabs.


OK, that Ando concrete is starting to look a lot more like his. Keep pushing.


Next version with less furniture


@Tit-Co im glad I could help and your glass looks awesome! here are some quick things to think about for your image. I love that you took away the furniture it was way too cluttered. The rug right now has that bumb map but unfortunately the value is too high and too low res of a map it looks very odd. Maybe make that bumb a lot more subtle. Also the outdoors. Its very green and unrealistic. I would try to find a better texture that is a little less intense. And also maybe think about the way you arranged things think about your eye and how it takes in the scene. Over all its coming together though man keep going!

Ok for this WIP I tried to clean things up a bit more and add some organic qualities. just subtle things like bends in the models o make them look withered. Im new to arch vis being my first I just want to add imperfections and detail in a story kinda way but im pushing myself to keep it more clean. Im going to go for more perspectives of the house now.


Thx Giorgio for posting these – I’ve found them good playgrounds! I’m using the [Maya] Caustic Visualizer and trying to see what I can get from just a single lamp and an IBL…

farns_2014_d by What Photos Look Like, on Flickr


Hi, I find a little time here and there to update the model and lighting… here is the latest render…

let me know of your toughts…



Great entry so far ! I will give feedback soon keep posting !


@erwinriau Great Entry ! But I find the texture of the concrete very realistic but a bit distracting ! try to make it a less reflective. The carpet looks very good and also the texture of the pillows are fantastic :slight_smile: keep going
@bjorke Very interesting POV. Play a bit more with the transparency and post more update
@Preston. It’s a great entry. Good lighting and also the overall feeling in the background. If you want to make it a real competition now you should go for the vintage look :wink:
@Tit-Co The background and the lamp have too bright colors and look distracting (also the red lamp cast too much light on the bed). The other shaders look good even if the carpet need a bit more work. it’s a very good start keep going
@Erwinaiu very good light but the glass (or camera) shows a bit of distortion. Also try another POV :slight_smile:
@Marty D. try to mode the trees which are not present in the original. The one of the left distract the viewer.keep going and add more lights…

I’ve seen that the forest challenge was not taken by a lot of people also due to lack of time and because people didn’t even start because they think they won’t have enough time. Also I think that snice I’m preparing the industrial challenge I need a bit more time. I really would like more people to participate to this challenge since I think it’s a good chance to increase your own portfolio ! So the schedule of challenge will change a bit… less challenge more WIP and more time


Here is my first wip. Please do give feedback…:slight_smile:



Hey guys, here is a WIP. Still have some things to finish up but I just wanted to get some feedback on what I have done. Thanks!!!


Hello everybody,

that´s my first lighting challenge and here is my first wip of the koshino house.
Next step will be adding some furniture for the interior.
Rendered in Maya (VRay).