LC #32: Architectural Landmark "intermezzo"


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The DEADLINE for ALL the 4 challenges included in the RULE THEM ALL challenge will be the 31-12-2013 The End of the Year.
Everyone that will end all 4 part will receive be considered for participation to the FINAL GALLERY.
I’m also thinking about preparing a small badga, if anyone would like to help, suggestion are appreciated
Let’s see in detail for every challenge

Dearl All
   there's a new challenge ! So this time your challenge is to light one of these two architectural landmark. One is the Farnsworth house and the other is Tadao Ando's Koshino House.
   The challenge is not to put an HDR but to reproduce the lighting as you will see in the references attached. to viewer should have the feeling to view at an architectural book.
   I choose this challenge because I think it's not easy and also you can have some good portfolio images ;)
   I made all the models. I already know that there are lots of poly for the Tadao Ando's Koshino house couch , but I didn't have time to include displacement map. If you want to can avoid the couch ;).
   I also included some ready made trees. In the koshino house I used the real species that are present near the house and also for the Farnsworth house I've prepared a pack with trees belonging to the species you can find the the neighborhood of the house.
   Also I modelled all the furniture for the Farnsworth house so you can have fun also by doing some interior shots.



If posting your own rendered images or video of this scene anywhere out of this thread, please credit Giorgio Luciano for the modeling.

[li]Use any 3d software and techniques you would like.
[/li][li]Changes to the scene are allowed but not required.
[/li][li]Post your work in progress by replying to this thread so you can receive feedback
[/li][li]Feel free to share any extra information or breakdowns to show your techniques or lighting set-up.
[/li][li]Ask questions and give feedback
[/li][li]Enjoy yourself!
[/li][/ul]I will also open a thread for ideas and merge it with a sharing thread.
The deadline is in 45 days !
Good Lighting




Awesome! im excited about this one. Thanks Giorgio Will post soon


Here is my first WIP of many. Ive never tried to do any photo real interior lighting before so Im really excited to put a bunch of time into this. I searched through and found about 4 shots im going to try to recreate and here is my first.

Decided to go linear workflow with mental ray. (No Glass in the windows yet)

This is an awesome challenge
Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with


Looks promising, i’ll have a closer look at the farnsworth farm. ;D

Where can these trees or at least a list of the species for the farnsworth park be found?



link to trees added :slight_smile: sorry :wink:


OT: Just had to test with hdr lighting + gi - 5 min render in modo followed by some digital photo filters… :slight_smile:


The ando house is a good choice, but i’m not all too on-board with the farnsworth house being in this - there are already 10+ incredible series’ of renders of it out there already. Like, the best arch viz ever done is of this house and it seems nearly everyone who works in the field has already had a go at it.

edit. top 6 results on google, 4 cg versoins:
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -


I will definitely work on this one. : arteest:

prestonplatt, your render is a really good start. : thumbsup:

cubiclegangster, I understand your point, but being honest I don’t see that as a problem. For me is an incentive to do better or at least try. Interesting that the best arch viz of this house were made with Maya and Mental Ray, isn’t it?


Hi Guys!

I’am new in here :slight_smile: First question, I use Cinema4D R13 and have normally no problems but if I try to import the data the viewport show nothing (if I start to render then yes but if not I dont get any picture).

Has someone the same experience? I would like to take part and take the challenge :slight_smile:




Detail from Tadao Ando’s Koshino house

Used modo 701’s physical sun only, to get a feel for what’s possible with that.
13 min render with GI, no post-work

Not quite there yet…

*Edit: page with reference photos link


I hate you so much.
They weren’t in order. It’s more interesting that the quality achieved with maya/MR and the 3 max/vray ones is comparable - showing that software doesn’t matter and it’s down to the artist.

I just kinda figured you’re effectively in competition with people who didn’t have a deadline and picked away at these for (in guthrie’s case) the best part of a year - It’s going to be very difficult to make your own version which doesnt simply boil down an angle already done before by one of these, and better.


I see what you are saying but most people in this forum are using these lighting challenges as a way to learn and the fact that there is a good amount of material out there already on this subject is great. Inspiring really. I mean the forum is called a lighting challenge for a reason.

Thanks still so much more to do. The leather is giving me problems. Cant wait to see what you come up with


I never seem to be able to finish these challenges but I wanted to give it a try. Here is what I’ve managed. The scene is absolutely calling for a Gundam bot.


WIP #2

Not sold on the lighting just trying to get my base materials and colors down. The leather has been an issue don’t know if I want black or white. Next step is to get the lighting to be more realistic and to add some organic qualities.

Also outside is just a crap texture im going to work on getting it to match the lighting indoors obviously.


Changed the color a little, changed the light, changed the atmosphere. Will still need to fix the concrete texture and a couple of other things.


:smiley: Well, you said the top 6 and this one is in first place. :wink: And is true, it doesn’t matter the software, but I still found amazing that he used Maya and Mental Ray.

I agree with you, with a deadline (maybe we can get more time) is hard to achieve the quality you can find in other works. I am not sure when I will start post something, as I am finishing a job. But right now I am adding more detail to the model and then I will start working in the light.

Giorgio Luciano you did a great job :thumbsup:


Hi I’m a compositor learning lighting and rendering. What does “The challenge is not to put an HDR but to reproduce the lighting as you will see in the references attached” mean? The contestants can only use the default lights in the package? Sorry I’m a bit confused.


I don’t think so. Is just a way to say, Look this is more then using a HDRI to light this scene.

By the way, you may need to scale the model a little to bit.


Here is my 3rd WIP. I went another route for lighting this one. Trying to get a better feel. Im having fun trying different styles out. This had a point light couple area lights and a image based source for the sun.

Still needs a bunch of work but im feeling better about it


Hi prestonplatt,

Looks good. What approach are you using to light this one?