Lattice model for 3D print


How can I make a lattice model in cinema4d like the models attached.
I want to make a model with a part as a lattice structure to export it as STL for 3D print.
See examples attached.


Well, the first one looks straightforward, a Grid Array Cloner with simple geometric object. You just have to do a geometry cleanup afterwards with a Connect object and Optimization of close to each-other points to make it a manifold.

For the second one you’ll need NoseMan’s free Edge-to-Spline Plugin and combine it with the Voronoi Fracture. I’m afraid this kind of geometry is prone to many errors in 3D printing due to density of points (if the model is small) and the weird inclination of the lattice strings that might throw errors to the 3D debugging software. Also you’ll probably need to put your model under the Volume Builder to smooth-out the holes of the Voronoi Fracture with the Laplacian method. Try to not fractute it too much like the image 'cause the polygon count will be too much (and the generation time very long) and might crash the system and the printing process will also take forever.

Post some photos when you’re done printing, I’m curious.


Thanks Demis,
I am testing your options.
The Voronoi fracture with Volume building is fun.


There is a plugin that may help. I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth a look.