Latest X-Particles, Cycles4D Updates


Figured I’d make a catch-all thread for the various XP and Cycles4D updates we get over time.

The new X-Particles 2019 (Summer Release) is available now — Build 724 if you’re keeping score — to people with up-to-date maintenance. Quite a nice feature additions list.

New Features

  • xpDynamics – New Dynamics solver for Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics.
  • xpShatter – New Voronoi based shattering system.
  • xpDisplayRender – New Render generator to render Particle and Display Modes.
  • xpMetaGroup – New Powerful type of particle group.
  • xpQuickTools – New integrated preset tools.
  • xpSplineGrowth – New Deformer to grow spline objects, Trails and Elektrix.
  • xpTrailTip Tag – New Tag to add an object to tip of trail splines.
  • xpParticleSampleShader – New Shader to colour objects from particle parameters.
  • xpSheeter – New Modifier to generate thin film particles in Fluid simulations.
  • xpSplash – New Modifier for crown splash simulations.

Updates to Existing Features

  • Emission from Object – Rotation mode Tangential to Normal.
  • Colour Modifier – Colour from vertex tag, change particle shape.
  • Inherit Modifier – More options to inherit and control when inherited.
  • Spawn Modifier – Inherit UV emission data from source.
  • xpVertexMap – Vertex colour from particles.
  • Drag Modifier – Use Scene units and new Shatter mode.
  • Scale Modifier – New Percentage option for scale, and shader mapping.
  • Infectio Modifier – More colour control with groups.
  • Physical Modifier – Use Shaders to control options.
  • Cover Modifier – Two new modes ‘Nearest Surface Point’ and ‘Nearest Vertex’ added for more control over material channels.
  • Attractor Modifier – New Viewport icon to show where particles will be attracted to.
  • Vortex Modifier – New Helix mode.
  • Custom Data – New variation field.
  • xpTrail – New object mode.
  • Network Modifier – New distance mode.
  • Emitter Display – New cylinder mode.
  • Emitter Direction – New option persist while stuck, enables particles to maintain correct axis direction on deformed normal.

There’s also a new maintenance update for Cycles 4D (build 336) though I don’t know if that was simultaneously released, may have been earlier.


A lot of these features have already been available in the Pre-Relase, but some are entirely new, e.g. Sheeter and Splash. They are an impressive company.


Yeah that’s true I could’ve specified that. I don’t normally download the pre-release stuff so my mindset was that it’s “new stuff.” But definitely an impressive group.


Some nice XP here:


Holy Crap. Would swear that’s Houdini work w/massive budget. And funny as hell.


Impressive simulations and particle work here, indeed.


Thanks for the update. We only stick to the public/official releases (prerelease could complicate produuction), so a lot of this is new for us. Gonna check this stuff out today.

I think whoever named the Sheeter isnt familiar with National Lampoon’s Vacation series. Sorry-thats where my head went :slight_smile:


I’d seen some of those videos on the RedShift page on FB and naturally had also assumed this was Houdini.

There’s some great new features in XP, only wish I had the time to learn them.


When I upgraded I got all the new stuff but my Cloth components disappeared. Anyone else have that trouble? Overall, the new stuff is amazing and it is a huge upgrade.


He has some more stuff in Instagram, some naughty stuff, but not too naughty. :slight_smile: …seems he uses Endorphin and exports to C4D.


Pity Natural Motion pulled Endorphin from the marketplace. I wonder if MBGCore works with an old version or has insider friends at NM.

Or perhaps MBGCore is in fact some insiders at NaturalMotion who post occasional videos mainly for kicks. MBGC doesn’t seem to do anything commercial and don’t even seek inquiries.


Resolved! Insydium had me reinstall and in the process I discovered the Maintenance Training Area. What a great company!


Yep, maybe patents but just speculating.

MBG has a C4D tuto with Endorphin but i only found the part 1 in this youtube channel

I think you might like that channel, XP stuff, Octane etc.


Yes I have enjoyed that channel. I find the French folk…interesting.


Seeing all those cool fluid solvers and sheeting that’s gotta be taxing on a system - does X-particles take advantage of many cores, like the new Ryzen chips that are showing up in reviews now?


xParticles is multithreaded. So, yes, its going to use all your cores but not necessarily on full capacity. It depends on the task.


Not really. I have a threadripper 1950x, it’s good but not as good as a higher clock CPU.
On their discord channel they said Ryzen aren’t really the best choice for x-Particles.
I only wish they had some GPU support, it’s time already.


wow nice update - i have my auto check for updates turned off as i hate all the extra lag on startup with many plugins trying to connect to look for updates… had no idea this was out…

still always makes me wonder why companies don’t just send out an email to users who have purchased!

thanks for the post!