Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


You are true inspiration Lammakian :slight_smile: love the work.


Great expression!
Only one more drawing now! You can do this!


Great additions to the sketchbook!
The last three are really, really good!


Sniff sniff… So happy to help on your inspiration on Day 19 :slight_smile: they are awesome! Can’t wait for today’s


Very good!


Great stuff as always! May the Force be with you for the last one!


AND THIS-IS-ALL-OVER ! I have done it !

The Last One !
This is in the continuity of Day 19 + 20 (hehehe, thanks @ gfigueroa ). I liked this idea so much that I might even do more of them for myself.

Day 22 - Gingerbread Factory

I kinda feel bad that I didn’t do a beautiful picture to wrap this up in a great way (as many of you did that)
This is very crude (pillow shading everywhere lol) and a lot of copy/paste ! XD

That was incredibly challenging… I may rest now. Have a good night of sleep after I check up on all your entries that will, no doubt, be inspiring and inspired…
I have said this many times but I’m gonna say it again : THANK YOU, my cgsociety bros ! I could not have done it without your kind comments and your encouragements.


Very cool work Lammakian! Been a pleasure to be in this challenge with you and very happy you made it to the end :slight_smile:
I’ll continue to follow your work so have a good rest but no stopping, see you in 2018! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


thanks for the inspiration dude great work and your lighting in your work is amazing i think i have already said it but dam it its cool that 21 is amazing


Yey! Lammakian!!! You did it! and in an amazing way… glad that you took that idea and moved forward… even with copy and paste :wink: it was a really nice composition!!! (as always :))


Dear Lammnakian, mate!
I’m really glad you did it all the way!
You’ve brought the lag, with excellent images!
I’ve been watching you all along.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Yours sincerely Ákos


Hey man! Congratz on completing the mission! You’ve done quite a series of amazing pieces! It was a pleasure and inspiring to watch everyday!
Merry Christmas Lammakian!


Congrats man! Amazing work! Thank you for inspiration and support! Happy Holidays!


Lammakian, great that you’ve rounded that up! Your hard work and sense of humor have brought a lot fun to this challenge!
Happy holidays!


I had always wondered how they could make all those cookies, now I understand!
Thank you Lammakian and Merry Christmas!:keenly:


Lammakian… If you ever have a video of how you do this… I would love to see it! I think I would learn so much from it :slight_smile: thanks for the awesome art…


_well done Happy Christmas``~…


Congratulations! You did it!
I love your elf character with moustache.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


Hello guys.
I didn’t make a great picture to end Drawcember… So I wanted to express my deepest thanks to all of you in my very own way.
As usual, it didn’t come out the way I intended to, but I’m still posting it. Here’s to all of the people with which I interacted, and who helped me get through this challenge with their kind comments.

Sorry, this is so sappy, haha…^^ (I’m normally grumpy as f*ck and a little bit of an old fart)
Also, pardon me if those drawings suck -didn’t quite get the likeness I wanted (damn, those avatars are tiny !) but hey, what are you gonna do ? :stuck_out_tongue:

(and for those who are wondering, I put some cups in -almost- each little drawing because, um, they’re supposed to contain eggnog, alcohol, or whatever. Picture anything you want)


it’s very great Lammakian!
Thank You! :slight_smile: