Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Continue the great pieces! :slight_smile:
I probably should do the same as you Lammakian and also not rely so much on lineart, i believe it would be alot faster for me to make color pieces.


@csbutt : Haha, yes, I wanted to do something extra creepy for that last one ^^

So, now, I’m going in the opposite direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 18 - A breath of fresh air

Also, a very different style of painting, not too many colours, no complicated shading, it’s super duper extra hard… I’m experimenting, in a way. This is not great and I really didn’t know how to make the picture more interesting. It’s just kinda… blah… But at least, it allowed me to get back to something more colourful.

Ok, it leaves me with 4 entries and 2 days to work. It’s kinda manageable… (I’m super tired but no rest until the job is done)


Ahhh, what a beauty! I almost see her moving! Wonderful colors, too!


I seem to have missed a few… all great :).
You did good putting Victor Freeze in there. Really adds weight and story to the piece.
Your last entry is also quite pretty. The background is a bit open though. Maybe a boat would help, or maybe it would take too much attention from her. Tricky…


Great piece Lammakian!






It looks great, the colors are really nice and they mixed really good. The character is the focus point, so I think it is fine without additional items on it. How long does it take you to make this?


I like your style a lot.
Very good and keep going:bounce:


Its a more relaxed image but continues to be great :slight_smile:


@POSEIdOON : It’s a good exercise (not relying on lineart) and it’s difficult ! It really forces you to think differently (focusing on volume, lighting, etc.). But be careful : It won’t necessarily make things go faster ! I made that mistake with Day 18 (the girl in front of the sea). I thought that by simplifying the shading, it would go quickly… It ended up taking way longer than I thought !

@gfigueroa : That picture with the girl took me a little more than 3h. Which is longer than the monster before (~2h) ! :suprised:

@LadyMedusa : thank you for the feedback. It was tricky indeed… A boat could have helped, I didn’t think of that. My mind just went blank on this one…

And thank you to nataliel (I really wanted to make her pretty after the monster before) and grafik, fustifoccs and STFVIT ! Your words encourage me ! I might be able to finish this…

Day 19 - So this is what the North Pole looks like…

Kudos to gfigueroa : your candy shop inspired me for this one :).


Very good and exciting again! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Beatrix !
Still 3 more entries to go, and I’ll be able to rest… :bounce:


Great Lammakian, this last piece reminds me of the story of pinocchio when the children were attracted to the circus where they are captured and transformed to animals! Ehehe


Great work Lammakian! I like your cartoonish style and “color grading”.


I don’t knooooow if I’ll be able to finish, but I’m fighting… TO THE DEATH, MAN ! TO THE DEATH ! (ok, maybe not, but you get the idea)

(Why am I doing this ? WHY am I doing that much effort when I’m soooo late and there is stille 2 more entries ? :banghead:)

  • “So, this is the Santa Factory ? It looks like an Amazon warehouse”
  • “Oh yeah ? Santa owns those too !”

Day 20 - Inside the North Pole aka “Santa Claus Factory”.

I’m gonna rush through the two remaining ones…

@POSEIdOON : Thanks ! Pinocchio is one of my all time favourite ! I still remember how scary it was when I watched it as a kid. The transformation into animals scared me to death ! :eek:

This one piece actually is totally related to the previous one. The kids just discover that Santa Claus Inc. is just a huge business. The North Pole is a giant Las Vegas-like casino where people can treat themselves to endless Chrismas themed entertainment. In a way, that would be like the Universal Studios (hence the big ball with the Santa Claus Inc). Think about a mix between Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and a whacky Pinocchio world + Spielberg’s A.I. weirdness. Man, I would watch that stuff.

Sorry, my mind is just wandering right now. I do not sleep well and I’m not even sure I’m typing all this sh*t.

(also, sorry for my occasionally broken english)

@Trurl : Wow, I took a look at your portfolio and I’m amazed by your work. Your comment means a lot. I hope I can do some quality stuff like yourself one day !



Gorgeous work!
Excellent ideas!
Qualitative material!


The deadline pressure is good! These last two are really amazing!


Fantastic:applause: work!


Thank you guys… I have no inspiration left though…
But this is almost over !

Day 21 - Burning memories

One more left… I think I’m burnt out. No fuel left. But…still…going…:banghead:


Beautiful design. Come on, you almost did it!:bounce: