Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Exciting pictures, effective compositions again! These are really different from the previous themes.:slight_smile:


Wow love the composition on day 13, the work is excellent! One of your best!
Day 14 also a great one!


“Too dark” can actually be “damn good!” :smiley: Loved it, good point of view


I have the feeling that those last are related! They are awesome and they do look a little bit different from the previous ones.


I really like so many of these. Parroting a lot of what is already being said, lighting is great, color selection is great, but most of all- almost everything you’ve been posting has story to it. Gives us answers to the prompt… and questions for imagination to roam with. Great work!


Lammakian, enjoyed the last picture a lot! Composition and viewing angles! Well done


Your drawings are always more beautiful.:applause:


Awesome stuff, as always! Do you work in animation?


Ok, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to finish the remaining ones. (I’m only at day 15 which leaves me no time… I have the sketches though, and I’ll post them even without colour at the very least)
Anyway, I’ll keep working till the end !

Day 15 - Nora Fries. “We were married ten years ago on a snowy Christmas Eve. Nora loved the snow… I thought it… sad that there should be none this year.”

At the beginning, I didn’t put Mr Freeze in there but it felt kinda empty… In the end, I spent too much time on him. But it looks okay, so I’m fine with it :slight_smile:

@Doomov : I’d love to work in animation but unfortunately I don’t…:sad: Maybe someday. I feel like I’m getting better everytime I do a piece !

Again, I’m repeating myself, but your comments mean the world to me. I’m just gonna finish this for you guys. At this point, I don’t even care about the results. This is such a great occasion to make some new stuff…


You’re making strong pieces Lammakian :slight_smile:
You’re right, without Mr Freeze wouldn’t have the same drama effect. Great piece!


Day 16 tore my heart out. Nora has a nice subtle style of Bruce Timm’s style. I love the emotion you captured.


Wow, really nice. I agree, Mr. Freeze gives a lot of emotion to the scene.


I’m so glad you didn’t give up. And it’s pretty tough to see that amazing skills like yours can still be challenged by fears or doubts. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


Very nice work! I like the idea a lot! Keep on doing!


Thank you all… It feels like I’m progressing even though my work never really satisfies me. I wished I was more consistent.

And speaking of a lack of consistency…

Day 16 - I didn’t kill him, the spores did.

I’m trying not to rely on my lineart too much. This one ended up being a “full blown” painting (quotation marks, because it’s kinda messy and sloppy so… Not clean enough to be considered a production painting)… I didn’t care about the ground and only could suggest the grass, the foliage, etc. Also, I struggled hard with the colours as I always find night scene to be tricky as hell.

I found many ways to cheat my way out of it. Hopefully, it doesn’t feel too sloppy.

@justcallmeinsance : Thanks. The Mr Freeze story always saddens me… So if you love the emotion I tried to convey, I’ll consider this work a success. :slight_smile:


Damn! It is not really a happy image but it works very well.:applause:


Nice work! I like your idea!


Great Stranger things picture! And i is day 17, not 16 :slight_smile:


Thank you guys !
Still late, still short on time but still going all the way ! ^^

@nkirill : Stranger Things ? Haven’t seen the second season. Does something like that happens ? :eek: Or does it just remind you of the series ? … And actually, THIS was day 16. BUT I DID made a mistake ! Nora Fries is day 15 !! :suprised: MAN, I still have a lotta work in front of me !

Anyway, for this one, I did something completely different. Here it goes :

Day 17 : We call it the Cookie Monster.

My first entries were like… kind of “cute” so I wanted to see if I could do something downright scary. Dunno if that works but man, that was quite fun :slight_smile:

The next one won’t be as dark I promise.
(also, does that image look too dark for you ? I might need to recalibrate my screen…)


Your work is so fun and lively. I love how they all look like they could be scenes from a story. Okay except for the most recent :slight_smile: