Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


You’ve made it :slight_smile: Woot! Anyway, we latecomers, still have weekend to work our @ss off


To me your color always bring alot of life to your art and i love it because of it!
I’m a person that never things his work is good enough, never finished, always something you have to perfect and for that reason most of the time i don’t publish or simply don’t put in paper the ideas i have. For that reason this challenge for me is all about making posting 1 illustration per day online, even if i only have half na hour to draw or less, probably bad or unfinished i made a promise to myself to always publish until the end when i decided to enter the challenge.

This to say to you Lammakian, don’t worry so much and like you said, we are all learning with our pieces daily and with each other with our words :slight_smile:
So yes, The SHOW MUST GO ON :buttrock:Ahaha


Wow that’s gorgeous… great lighting and framing!


Hey man welcome back! Could’t agree more with what POSEIdOON said.
Great piece, that second light source works perfect togive the extra pop up to the characters!


@POSEIdOON : I guess that’s kind of a curse :smiley: We’re condemned to never be satisfied by our work ! (oh and by the way, the movie I was referencing in Day 9 is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” !)

@grafik : Thank for noticing ! ^^ I always say that’s a cheap but effective way to make everything pop. And I couldn’t thank you enough for the words of encouragement.

@infinitedivide : Ah, man, thanks a lot… Those words are really encouraging, especially because I have the tendency to second guess myself all the time when it comes to lighting and framing.

Ok, so Day 12 - Chim Chim Cher-ee !

Still not out of the water and stuck in the mud of the creative block so… I go back to one of my favourite movies ever : Mary Poppins. Trying something different, again, with the lighting. Couldn’t resist adding those stars in the background because it felt too empty. But it’s okay hopefully, it adds something to the overall mood.

I’m gonna have to double up and work like hell until the 22nd… :cool:


Very nice fabled stuff Lammakian!


I think the stars really work out well :). Beautiful work!


I agree with POSEIdOON too.
Both the Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins are beautiful images
result of commitment and determination. Keep it up:)


This is also a new excellent picture! :slight_smile:


another great scene!


:applause:these are brilliant and the mary poppins scene is amazing


You never disappoint :smiley: Another great image.
Do you work in animation studio or something like that?.. i always see your images like perfect for some anime animation from Studios Ghibli


Still late but still going, no matter what…
Thank you guys for your comments ! My mind was blank for a moment but I’m back on board at 100% now.

@POSEIdOON : I wish I worked in an animation studio ! That’s quite the compliment there ! I love Ghibli movies !
But, for now I’m just another dime a dozen freelance game artist struggling to make ends meet ! :smiley:

Day 13 - Don’t look back.

Again, this looked nothing like what I had in mind but I’m actually quite ok with how it turned out… :argh:

I’m going to work like hell.


Looks like something coming from a japanese horror story! Very cool :smiley:


Wow! Super neat stuff happened! LIke both new pictures, nailed it :slight_smile:


That is one evil looking dude :open_mouth:


Great work.


I love day 12 and 13!! Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies as a kid. :slight_smile: The creepiness in day 13 is great. You’re just waiting for her to turnaround and see the monster!


Day 14 - It’s a trap ! (Tracking the Santa Killer in the snow…)

Trying a little bit of something. No inking lines for the character. And something a little darker, again, (maybe a little too dark actually) haha :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s very cool!!!