Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


I thinkthis might be my favorite from you! Worked very well the limted color pallete!


A cool picutre again! :slight_smile:


wow just wow love the story in your work its like a freeze frame really cool.:applause:


@POSEIdOON : Haha, I know. I always seem to add details and make my work harder than it should be… But here, I think it’s much simpler !

Day 9 - The Ferrari of all sleds. (does that make sense ?)

I didn’t try a complicated composition. Just two dudes enjoying a ride on sleds.
(kudos to anybody who recognizes the film I’m referencing :cool:)

Still a little bit behind schedule, I really should start getting more serious about that challenge…
Thanks to all of you for the nice comments ! I’ll keep on working !


This one you’re right, its much simpler and relaxed one :slight_smile: ehehe, very cool and fun also.
Now i wonder to what movie it belongs to…


It’s great stuff Lammakian!


another great one!


Super nice these latest! You’ve taken much effort than your first drawings in the thread. Great progress


Very good and dynamic picture! :slight_smile:


Always amazing!:3 Your colors are stunning, the bright one and that kinda grayish gives the totally different mood, that’s so interesting! I never tried to do un-saturated color pallets.


You are consistently awesome. It seems like your style would be simple and easy to achieve … but I know that’s not the case. kudos!!!


Well, I’m consistently struggling to be honest. This is really getting hard… You have no idea ! I want to quit 20 times on average on each piece ! It never looks like what I have in my head. In the end, I just… do my stuff so that I have a sorta clean picture.

Ok, I’m really starting to fade, lacking inspiration. So I did… a fanart. Yes. From Frozen…

Day 10 - New Sleigh !

It ended up being the most terrible idea ever.
I had to gather reference, watch the movie again cause the available screenshots found on google images were crap (now I have “Let it go” stuck in my head) and try to match the existing style. Do the drawing TWICE, cause I didn’t save it the first time… Consequently, the new drawing doesn’t satisfy me as much, of course…

Also, drawing a sleigh is fricking hard. It’s kind of a mess right now, but I had to finish or my head would have exploded.:banghead:

Again, many thanks to all of you. I may have given up if not for your nice comments.


Hey man don’t overthink it when creating and don’t give up!
Your work is inspirational to all of us. I too wanted to give up so many times, but the one thing that keeps me going is that I noticed my work has evolved, much influenced by the works from you guys, yours is one to always look and learn, to find new cool stuff, different ways to do things.
Your work also has evolved from the beginning. This is one of your best, it’s a wonderful piece, from the colour pallet, composition, light, all the details and the small fx here and there.
Keep on !


Endurance! Still great!


Very good and beautiful!


I agree with Tiago and above all don’t give up!
The worst part of this experience is to have “Let it go” in your head, i totally understand but don’t let it go, don’t give up :slight_smile:


Aww, man, don’t give up!
Take some advice from the song. “Let it go”. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are making amazing artwork, filled with warmth and joy. And don’t let us expecting amazement pressure you into “having to” make great stuff. Everyone has their off days and it’s ok.
Art blocks suck! Try out an idea generator, and add to it. Make it more Christmasy or wintery…Or use it just to warm up a bit to spark some ideas :).


Hey Lammakian, "cmon, cheer up and do some more awesome pictures! And don’t forget to save :slight_smile:


Lammakian, don’t give up!


Thank you guys. Your comments give me strength. I’m not giving up !
I guess, sometimes it’s okay to not get it right. So I’ll keep on posting even if the picture can be improved.

I have some more in store, and I’m gonna spend a little time to polish them (but not too much, cause I’m already late !)

Day 11 - We’re off to see the wizard !

Couldn’t quite get the colors I wanted but I’m learning, that’s what counts !

The idea behind it is stupid. I’m still choosing the words from the prompt and I didn’t know what “garland” meant. The only thing I could think was “Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz”, which happens to be one of my favourite movies of all time.

(even funnier is that the french word for “garland” is pretty close :smiley: )

Again, thank you all. Grafik, fustifoccs, Beatrix, POSEIdOON, LadyMedusa, nkirill, you have no idea how much your words helped ! I kinda needed a kick in the butt !
The SHOW MUST GO ON ! :buttrock: