Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Awesome works, I love the way you work with color. Best of luck, man!


Fabulous! Nice picture!


Very nice! It’s like a good animated movie.


These have such beautiful lighting and story telling to them. I feel like they are showing things that are really happening.


Wow, I have missed a couple! I like a lot your “animation” style.
On the last one, nothing like a finished piece that gives a sense of accomplishment!Great work!


Oh, last drawings are amazing! Colors and mood, and details! Awww! <3 Great!


Hey, enjoyed you entries a lot! Good luck in the challenge


Day 7 - Ice skating in the heart of the city

Trying to push myself with different challenges as much as possible. In this case, a very particular lighting scheme. Trying to capture the warmth of the city centre, when it’s near Christmas, with lots of people enjoying their time together, as couples, or families, etc. Got lost in the amount of details and originally wanted to make something clean and sharp… But oh well, that rough look isn’t so bad… (I hope !)

Couldn’t upload this yesterday, so I’m gonna have to do another one quickly !
I also notice that I’ll have to do 2 tomorrow because I started one day late… Jeez, this is HARD…:banghead:

I’m a little bit hammered right now so I’ll answer to you all later, here or on your threads when I’ll have the time and the energy. In the meantime, I’d like to thank everybody for the kind comments :love:
Drawcember is a really cool thing !


Great stuff Lammakian! You definitely, in my opinion, got the warm feeling with your beautifull lighting :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks POSEIdOON ! That means a lot because I had trouble using those colors !

I have to be careful now, I’m starting to be a little bit late. Next pieces will probably be much simpler.
That’s an endurance test… I need to be smart to be able to complete the challenge. (And to think we’re not even halfway through !)


Great work.


Very good is the colors, the atmosphere and there is a story in the picture, it’s good to look at it! :slight_smile:


Wow, very nice man! Very well played with the colors!


love it, nice work!


A beautiful design. The colors make the atmasphere very well.:applause:


Thanks to all of you for the feedback ! It really encourages me to keep going.
I’m still a little bit late but I’m definitely going all the way ! :buttrock:

Day 8 - Future champ’ ! (One day, he’ll put on a different kind of mittens)

I went the opposite way from the last one ! Here, I tried to use a more limited, desaturated color palette, like this could be a snapshot from the past. “Old” colors.
In the previous one, I noticed that I neglected the construction and the posing of the characters so here, I focused on that.


Beautiful style and color… it is amazing :slight_smile:


Always amazing and you got very well the “old” mood style.

And you said you would go much simpler, ehehe


Super good!


Last ones are crazy good! Feels like stills from animation film.