Lammakian_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Wery nice works!


very cool style!


Nice job! I love your lighting and choices of colour. Really unique and distinctive!


Nice job! I love your lighting and choices of colour. Really unique and distinctive!


This one goes to all of you little lovebirds out there, who fell asleep on the couch, watching netflix (or playing video games) :slight_smile:

I spent too much time on those little details on the scarf and sweater but in the end, I think it was worth it !

@POSEIdOON : You made my day with that comment ! Indeed, Osamu Tezuka is one of my biggest influences. I’m glad it showed :wink:

@chantellewalker : Thank you ! That’s what I was aiming for. (Hence the image format)

And of course, big thanks to @JC3D, @fustifoccs, @grafik (incredible portfolio, mate, btw :wink: )and @jezhawk for your kind comments ! It gives me strength to push myself further.


Superb! Love it!


Very good! This is the real rest! :slight_smile:


Me and my wife also play vídeo games and when watching some movie she always feel asleep (she prefers vídeo games, ehehe).
It worth it. Great piece as usual! (already following you in CG, to bad i don’t have Twitter)


Struggled HARD on this one !
I tried to focus on environment but failed miserably (cause I suck at perspective). The camera angle I wanted was too complicated so I went back to something much simpler.
Not a satisfying result but I’m learning the hard way.

Day 5 - Krampus sighting at the train station (Monsters go on vacation too, I guess)

I’m a little late with this one so I’m gonna have to churn another one out quickly at the end of the day. This is difficult ! :suprised:

@Beatrix : Now I’m starting to feel how hard this challenge is. I’m having trouble keeping a constant quality with my work !

@fustifoccs : Thanks ! I wish I could do something half as good as you ! I’m doing everything I can to get better.

@POSEIdOON : Haha, I understand what you’re saying. Waking up is not really fun though, this is a very uncomfortable position ! :smiley:


I really love your style, all is warm and with the right atmosphere.


Ah, thank you Desarius ! I have always had problems with colors, actually. Most of my stuff is either too dark or dull, so I’m really trying to get as warm and festive as possible !

Now that I look at this last picture, I’m so embarrassed cause the perspective is really messed up… I’ll have to work on that and get better… :banghead:


My boyfriend always falls asleep when we watch netflix, haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Also LOVE Krampus’es face. He’s like “What? I’m on vacation!”


Thanks for sharing how you get your textured overlay :slight_smile: I might try that.

Loving the lighting on the last few images for sure! Very nice takes on the prompts.


As i see it this turned out great! Good composition and environment, maybe you were going for a complicated camera angle :slight_smile: sometimes simple is better.


Perfect implementation.


Some fun pieces


I like all the illustrations. Compliments.
They look ready to be animated.


@LadyMedusa : Haha, I has some doubts about Krampus’ face but your reaction makes me feel better about it ! Thanks !
@justcallmeinsane : I had to think a lot about the “vacation” theme. The next ones will be a challenge too !
@POSEIdOON : Yes, at the beginning, the camera angle was really complicated. I wanted to show the ceiling, the architecture of the train station (and some trains, too !) but it was too much. I couldn’t make it. In the end, it turned out ok, so I guess you’re right “sometimes simple is better” :slight_smile:

Thank you to STFVIT, Travis and fustifoccs !

I said I would do another one before the end of the day, so here it is !
Day 6 - Close encounter. (Mother reindeer and her baby)

It was a much more relaxing experience than the previous one. Much more satisfying in the end. I can sleep fine tonight :thumbsup:


Ehehe! Have a good rest then Lammakian.
So far i would give all your pieces 5 stars :slight_smile:


I’m continuing to love how colorful and expressive your work is. I should try out that noise/blur texture too sometime for when I’m doing more digital work again.