LadyMedusa’s DrawCember sketchbook thread


That Snowman Surgeries piece is straight out of a horror flick. This is the stuff of which nightmares are made ! :eek:


Omg snowman surgery looks so creepy D: poor guy


I actually like the orange and the fact that it’s not perfectly round! Gives it more character and makes it more organic-looking.


Great pig Lady. :slight_smile:


Aww, thank you all for the nice comments :slight_smile:


Snowman autopsy - clever idea and good rendition.


The snowman is rather disturbing. How odd, since it is only frozen water. I like the way you draw animals and that you took the time to add more pictures with a winter themr


Thank you guys[b] :slight_smile:

Day 11 - Winter spirit[/b]

So my wacom tablet died and I didn’t get to finish this mean little winter sprit.
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #CGSociety

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to participate further… I really don’t have time to scan my stuff.


I hope you can finish the contest.
I really like the winter spirit.


Good drawing! Sorry your wacom! Keep up the work!


Loved this sketch LadyMedusa!
I totally understand your situation. My computer also went to repair last friday, luckly i have an old laptop that i can use but i take alot of time to make something simple… i’m trying hard to continue this, lets see how it goes…


Thank you guys.
You too Poseidon? Why do these things break down when we really need them? Hehe, good thing you had an extra. I like seeing your work.
Got an idea so I might keep posting without also failing my classes. Just snap a photo of the sketch and mail it over :).


I really liked the sketch! I hope you can continue posting, it seems like the phone idea is a good approach


The last one is very good, feels like sketches form disney cartoons. Dynamic and confident. I’d suggest adding a bit of line weight, to enhance shadows, sketches will become more readable.


Thank you GF :slight_smile:
Doomov- Confident? Disney? Really? I was getting frustrated that he didn’t look like I wanted him to :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I do think less with the loose sketches because I can always fix errors when I polish it up. Maybe that’s a problem area for me. I’m a maladaptive perfectionist, so I tend to overthink possible flaws and I easily get frustrated when things don’t look as good as I wanted it to.

Day 12 - Migraine

Eeeh. I was about to throw this out, but I don’t have the energy to make something better. This migraine is too intense.
Pilot 0.4 Gel pen.

Day 13 - Poodle doodle

I don’t know… Its a doodle of a poodle. I don’t usually draw when I have a migraine, but they last like 3-4 days… soo expect more stuff like this.
Pilot 0.4 Gel pen.
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #CGSociety


I like this sketchs and good to see you found a solution to continue here :slight_smile:
I’m a big fan of sketchs so i understand what Doomov is saying. Some errors here and there make the line more organic and fluid


Don’t stop ladymedusa, the great masters of history also didn’t have tablets and they might also have had migraines. Pen, pencil, tablet, crayon, it’s all good. Travis wrote it himself: having fun and engaging in the forum is WAY more important than just making pretty illustrations.


I got a new phone so if I ever need to draw traditionally I can go back to taking pictures of the drawings with it :slight_smile: I think it’s faster and easier than worrying about a scanner, especially when you don’t have a lot of time. Keep your drains simple, don’t stress on masking perfect stuff! You can finish thecontest, youre already more than halfway there.

I really like your winter spirit though, he looks scary yet ancient haha


Cool works LadyMedusa!
Poodle doodle :smiley:


Thank you guys :).
Sorry if I got a little cranky yesterday. Migraines seem to shorten my fuses, and so does stress. Not a good combo, hehe :p.

Day 14 - Golden Goldendoodle Doodle

It’s a doodle of a goldendoodle. Orange Giotto pencil and 0.1 ink pen. The migraine is fading, and the fine motor skills are slowly returning :slight_smile:
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #CGSociety