LadyMedusa’s DrawCember sketchbook thread


So so hope I get the time for this :slight_smile:
(if this is in the wrong place, just put it where it belongs)


Right place, welcome.


Good to see you again. I hope you do well.


Hey, it’s Wyatt! Used to see you around a bunch back when I was Veleno / VelenoSangue.


Not part of the contest, replacement HERE:

Movember is over, but he is still not shaving :D.
(It’s lint. Did you know you could shave it off with a razor?)

I’ll be doing mostly quick doodles like this, with ghosts, fairies, monsters and farm animals and such. I’m in college studying agriculture, so I get quite busy, but I’ll try to post something every day. I do end up doodling a lot of cows :p.
Nice to see you again Wyatt, I remember you from the olden days. Can’t quite say the same about you SmallPoly (for now), but I’m exited to see both of you in this sketchbook challenge :slight_smile:


Hello LadyMedusa!
Nice ghost :slight_smile: Is it a ghost made out of a blanket?


Thank you :).
Yeah, a blanket could work, or a bedspread, or a handkerchief. I draw ghosts like this from time to time, but I haven’t really thought about what they’re made of. Some times I do add a little texture to them :slight_smile:


It’s…so…adorable. You capture its lintyness really well!


that’s a freaky looking jelly bean :slight_smile:


JPTsui - Thank you :D. Got quite some experience with linty sweaters. I got a few winter sweaters that will last forever thanks to razorblades and lint removers :slight_smile:
Jassar - Hehe, thank you :slight_smile:


Adorable! Looks so soft.
I love drawing these cute monsters aswell <3


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Minni and Baltazar - My two cats. Tried to focus more on the linework than I usually do. I feel like I captured their likeness, but It’s also missing something :confused:


Ahaha! Very well done LadyMedusa :slight_smile:
That mouse seems yummy… lol


Cats are very nice.


Sweet and funny too.


Cute, but I feel sorry for the poor rat.


Aww, thanks guys. :slight_smile: I’m sure the mouse would have been yummy, but she can’t bring it inside XD. Usually she just brings food scraps, and for that I’m happy, but when she brings wildlife she gets really proud. I’m just glad she doesn’t bring them to me partially alive :|.


Awesome cats! I love the eyes of the orange cat. I kind of want to animate him!


Not part of the contest, replacement HERE:

Black Sheep - “Take a break from writing your sheep-paper” I said, and drew a sheep :scream:. Really didn’t have time to be more creative today, haha.

By the way thanks nataliel! He really is a special kitty cat :slight_smile:


Nice! The little cute black sheep look like a plush toy. :slight_smile: