LadyBug, Pedro Conti (3D)


Title: LadyBug
Name: Pedro Conti
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, mental ray, Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

This amazing ladybug was concepted by my friend Tiago Hoisel. it’s always a pleasure to work with him and in every time i work with him, i realize that i have so much to learn. (thanks buddy)

It’s a campaingn created by Forchets (Italy) for a confidential product, for this reason i had to recreate a new label for the packing.

mariano steiner made a 3d sketch of the head of the ladybug and i was responsable for the modeling of the entire scene (also finalization of the head and complete body), textures, shader and lighting.

The post work was made by Tiago Hoisel and me.



very good work :thumbsup:


Nice work Pedro and Tiago.

I like the design of the lady bug. Also great modeling and rendering especially the face.


yep. indeed very good work.


i really don’t post too much but god damn this is awesome. bahaha that expression is priceless
excellent render and execution:bowdown:


Very very cool style, very very nice work. I love it!!!


Exceptional, I love the expression and composition ! :slight_smile:



hahahahaha i loooooooooove it!

i’m not surprised that you and tiago hoisel are behind this image, you are both very talented and i love your works, but this one is especially cute funny and so simple, awesome guys. big congrat.


very well done Pedro, congrats! I very like this childlike work!
keep going my friend.


Love this. Amazing work. Nothing left to say.



DAMMMM dawg !! that image is INSANE ! hahahahaha i really love it. Congratz for you, Hoisinho and Steiner ! hehehehe


Congratulations man!
It is a pleasure to work with you! I’m learning so much… thank’s!


Ha, thats really great work, love the lighting and textures.


freaking awesome!
It´s a pleasure to work with you too, buy the way hahahea.



Wow! Top notch

you’re rocking!! improving yourself always!



that looks like one verry happy ladybug, lol


I love it very much!


you a kind of a mith in 3d bug art work
this work is reaaly cool… well done


Very cool image Pedro, congratz to your team :thumbsup: its remainds me of the main image from the journey begins challenge by Yi Xiao


Omar Sealtiel


Hey guys, thank you so much for the nice feedback i’m really glad :):):slight_smile:

I’m attaching a Clay render and some information about the lighting!