Lady of Life - 3D Animated Character Design - Feedback and Advice Request


Hey! My first post here and i’m not gonna leave CGS after :smiley:
I’m young mostly 2D concept artist, illustrator and game designer. Working on visual site of medical VR project for last year and actually we are on the last stage of concepting the content before animations. There are 2 characters that will be animated in Unity scenes. The Lady is Guider for patients and she has a friend 2x bigger.

What do you think about designs? Are they ok to animate/rigging? Or there are some cardinal mistakes that will be crutial in redering the scenes.

Here is the 3D wip, and concept arts of clothes, bodies and faces of 2 characters:

We are looking for people who want to help in international startup fighting against cancer. Specially looking for experienced character designer, animator/rigger. Feel free to ask any questions, and be in touch. Thank you!