Label on Tapering Bottle Neck. STILL can't get it to work


Yet again I find myself stuck trying to properly wrap a label onto a conical bottle neck. This time I’ve used a technique taught by Noseman using the surface deformer, but it’s still not doing things correctly.

Attached is a pic showing the label in the middle, and the result of the surface deformer technique. On the real bottle the top edge of the label when applied is perfectly straight, and the back edges run in parallel with the back angle of the glass. The label itself has curvature that makes this work.

In c4d the label always gets distorted, doesn’t seem to matter which technique I use. I want to roll the label onto the bottle in exactly the same way a machine would do it.

BTW I need a separate label, I don’t want a alpha texture solution. I know I can also spend time using split polys from the bottle and tweaking them, but that’s not ideal either.

Anyone got an answer for this?


What you have to ask about the illustrator artwork is whether the artist is giving you he/she intends as the actual label or if they are giving you a projected view of label.

Shrink Wrap is the other obvious tool here. I would turn to that first over surface deformer.

Edit: looks like I replaced my earlier post with this one. Obviously you already downloaded my sample file.


I have to use the illustrator artwork for the label and it has to be undistorted and accurate in the final render. Will try your techniques. Meanwhile I have found a fudge, which is: rotate label to same angle as bottle neck. Create null with label inside, add bend deformer and use the unlimited trick to bend from the centre, add FFD deformer with only 4 points and scale and move points until label fits correctly. Still not the perfect solution I want though.


Can you screen grab the Bottle UVs please?
I have a suspicion they have a cylindrical configuration.


I’ve tried both ways Nose, doing a UV peeler on a copy of the neck so I get more ‘conical’ UVs, and doing a cylindrical projection. The label wraps around the neck using the surface deformer in almost exactly the same way in both cases.

If I could scale the UVs using a free transform tool to make them more conical it might help, but I don’t think I can can I?


You could try and put a mesh deformer to straighten the top and sides, before the surface deformer?

In my test, if the label is straight it stays straight with the surface deformer, contrary to this, is it’s curved, it remains curved, so you have to straighten it first.

Otherwise, your bend deformer trick seems to be the best to mimic reality, but it’s not very convenient.


Not this, the actual UV editor (Texture Manager)
If your Bottle UV polygons are parallel then they are not “correct”.
these are wrong.

These are Correct


and here’s a quick example:


Thanks Nose - how do I get the correct looking projection from my neck polys then?


Cut a vertical column on the back (Edge selection)
Pin a vertical column of points on the front (Point Selection)
Do a Frontal Projection on the UV polygons in the Front View (Viewport)
Relax UV with the Cut and the Pin


Got it working, but weirdly if I realign the UVs so they are straight in the UV window, the surface deformer doesn’t align the label perfectly, I still have to eyeball it a bit and readjust the Uvs a bit.

It is a solution that I’m happy with, but one day I’d like to see a better way of doing this in c4d, that just works like reality - roll the label onto a surface. Maybe a conical deformer would do it, or a conical option in the bend deformer.

Thanks again to all and especially to Nose.