Kristian Hollund's thoughts and concept


Hi all,

So from the moment I saw this challenge I knew I had to participate. I love cars, I love UI/UX/Usability and I love to create stuff from my imagination. I must admit though, that my emphasis for this challenge is on usability and simplicity, not what’s cool. I want to innovate with simplicity. Might be a bold statement, I have set out to fail now :wink: It makes me a bit unsure of whether my concept is worth doing, as it’s not that far from where we are today. But I think I will perfect it to my vision, and then we’ll see.

My concept
I drive a sports car myself, and I will base my concept on that for two reasons:

  • I don’t want to model the entire car interior unless I have to, as that’s not my focus
  • My solution should be so simple that it could fit existing cars too

The other thing I like about my specific car is that the driver-specific instruments are all centered towards the driver, the passenger can’t see my speed for instance. I like this (even if I don’t have a wife), but I think an all digital and adaptable instrument cluster makes sense along with a center console that is for the other passengers too.

My main idea centers around an OLED screen in the bottom left of the window, perhaps with option of having an information screen in the top of the window. For me, anything in a car that requires you to turn your head away from the road isn’t made as good as it can be. I love to drive, and I think a safer road is one where everyone likes to drive, that’s why I think cars should be fun to drive, and easy to use. But not take over for you or overwhelm you.

I like the thumb controls already on most cars, so I want to expand on them with a menu system that is easy to use, and a screen that doesn’t take too much attention, doesn’t take your eyes off the road, but can be adjusted in visibility according to available light / user’s vision.

I want it to be voice controlled as an option to that, but few of those work well enough, I have some ideas for that too. I will demonstrate the menu interactively and in video form later. I’m currently working on the base images.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


I appreciate your sentiment! I look forward to seeing more.


Sorry for reading your post just now!

Yea seems like we both have similar probs in driving and we want to resolve these issues.

How’s your progress?

Best of Luck!



Thanks rashi, good luck to you as well.

Progress is pretty much going steady, but it’s a bit later than I had hoped to. I was originally planning to comp only parts of my desktop onto a tracked video showing how to use it, but I will instead use a self-made dash and then do the “storytelling” with comp and animations.

I’m not a super modeller, like I mentioned in your thread, but we’ll see :slight_smile: Some WIP going up in the weekend I guess.


My entries in the Visteon competition

Challenge closed. I’m somewhat happy with how my concept turned out, but I ran out of time when it comes to making a fantastic looking UI and demonstrating more alternative and exciting ways of how things work. I can design way better than this :cry:

I was planning to rig a hand to show steering wheel button interaction, but I switched too late from my original plan of compositing actions on top of a more constrained view of the drivers field of vision. Even took a few days off and worked all day these last days, tough breaks :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone. I’m happy just to have finished something, now I need some sleep.