It renders a depth map from the point of view of the light. It is VERY fast and similar to the way the final rendering is performed, but instead of RGB, it creates a shadow map. Not unlike the way Scanline does shadow maps.


It renders a depth map from the point of view of the light.


Can you descripe how one particle ends up rendered in the screen in more detail. Rays are casted from the camera? Particle bounding box is checked first?..

i wanna do it myself :slight_smile: Very inspiring


Dude, Krakatoa is going to be a commercial product. I think we should keep a couple of things for ourselves :wink:

For a simple point renderer, check out the vertex renderer example in the MAXScript Reference. Many people have used that code to do (slow and simple) additive point renderers.


Dude, Krakatoa is going to be a commercial product. I think we should keep a couple of things for ourselves :wink:

:smiley: i understand. i just wanted to see how much detailed information you were willing share. Next i would have been asking for source code :wink:

This kind of thing has been my intrest because i have been coding standalone particle renderer based on ILM’s paper smoke rendering for large scale phenomenon. Just curious that how close your approach is to theirs.


Funny, we give away half of the source code :wink:
(just the GUI side of things though, a mid-sized MAXScript file)


This is seriously amazing stuff here! One question though, I had never heard of FLOOD before and after some searching realized it’s another in house app of frantic films? Then I noticed how amazing it is! Only to realize it is only available for Deadline…? Any hope of FLOOD ever being released as a stand alone? Either way, I’m very excited for krakatoa and maybe one day ill be able to play with FLOOD…awesome stuff!! keep it up.


FLOOD is not available in any commercial form (unless you work at Frantic Films).

Here some more info:


just recieved my licence key for KRAKATOA :slight_smile:

so i´m finally in the game :slight_smile:

kind regards



:eek: ?? And how did that happened? Thought was still in development. Or did I miss something?


i´m in the BETA team :wink:


ANGEBER! :wink:

Now go back to the dedicated Beta forum… :slight_smile:


i will :slight_smile: wasn´t really ment as show off :wink:




jealous :stuck_out_tongue:


looks very good indeed. im currently using FUME and TP. Will there be support for thinking particles, or will this be a PFLOW only intergration?
excuse my stupidity if this has been mentioned already :slight_smile:


I’m eagerly anticipating the release, especially since it currently takes hours for a single particle-hungry frame to render on my current machine. It would also come in very handy if I happen to start working on the fxwars disintegration challenge.


Tim, we use Krakatoa as alternative rendering method for Fume simulations - the two are a match made in heaven. :slight_smile:
At the moment, Krakatoa supports PFlow and provides more limited support for Max Legacy Particles, Thinking Particles, Geometry Vertices as Particles and any (potential) 3rd party particle systems that expose the IParticleObjectExt interface. Currently, PFlow’s integration is way ahead of the other systems (we had to start somewhere, and PFlow is in every Max version since R6 after all), but we are working on improving the TP support with the kind assistance of Cebas North America. We hope to support TP 3.0 when it is released.


excellent. good to see a bit more support swinging TP’s way, and Cebas are doing a great job collaberating with other software at the moment. Really looking forward to seeing the fume intergration, looks like a great pairing.

congrats to the frantic team in producing this. and thanks bobo for spending time answering questions. nice to see big studios putting back into the community :slight_smile:


I just read the first page of this thread… now I know what lust truely is. Thank you Bobo.


im suprised it hasnt made it up on the frantic software site? Or did i miss something there?

Looking forward to a release, then I can give it a run with fume!


The Frantic Software page was designed back in 2004. At this point, we are actively maintaining only the Deadline portion of it because that’s the product we have to support daily.

Krakatoa was actually announced on after last Siggraph - we even demoed it in Boston at our first ever Frantic Software booth. There is also a private area on that site that deals with the Beta test.

But at this point, we haven’t made an official announcement about the upcoming release as we don’t know when it will ship - there are two factors that play a role here. First, internal development for feature film projects has higher priority. At this point, we are using Krakatoa on such a project, thus we have to make sure it does the job for us and this can take away resources from finishing the commercial package. And second, we ship only when we are comfortable with the quality of the product, not earlier.
There are still several features and bugs we have to work on before that. But as you can see, both these points will affect positively the product you will be able to buy when it finally ships…