Klaudio Ladavac - Concept / Modeling Sketchbook


It has been a while since last time i did anything that is not hardsurface or/and scifi. Found today some small and old Vue test render and decided to do some (more or less quick) sketch of desert kind of an environment…lovely but windy day, in the galaxy far far away. :slight_smile: I know that the mountains/rocks are not how it would look in the desert, it would be more eroded and smooth by the wind and general weather change so it is not quite realistic but, as i said, previously mentioned Vue render i was doing was some smaller rocks displacement maps tests so i decided to keep it like that.

I think i really should go on the environment side more and for a change actually focus on painting/photobashing more too rather than just doing this kind of a sketch here and there.


Cool to see something different in here from you. Keep me updated


Thanks Travis! This sketch is far from perfect, i am aware of that, but i am sure it will get better with more practice! :wink:

On the side note… Lately i have disappeared a bit because i finally got the opportunity to work in the studio and get my feet wet in film industry. So here i am now in Montreal…i got here on Monday and will be here at least a year but hopefully much longer!
The whole process of moving to another country, me as someone who never been anywhere…lol, is overwhelming because of lots of information you have to keep in mind but in this first few days here this adventure turned out to be already really great experience and i yet have to start with work at the studio!
I hope soon things will be back in more familiar routine where i can again do some personal work, finish some of the work i posted on this thread and things like that.