Klaudio Ladavac - Concept / Modeling Sketchbook


Hi everyone!

Short introduction first.
So here we go, i’m starting this sketchbook thing to get more feedback as well as, hopefully, it will make me work and finish things faster and at the more consistent rate. I am doing hard surface 3D concept/modeling which mostly includes product design and props but also i want to get more into environments. The goal by the end of the year is also to get more into 2D - the habit of doing it regularly, first with sketching but eventually more into 3Dbase+overpaint kind of things because i really feel like i need to get better on that area which will allow me to make more complex designs, especially environments because making it in full 3D takes a LOT of time.

Few links for those who want to follow beside here on CGS.
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Here it is the latest i am working on in a very early blockout stage. The idea is to make 3 or 4 various shots in storytelling way with this images bellow being the final place and most complex one. The shots would be of this few people walking (and talking) going from (1.) the office or in front of the office then (2.) walking down the stairs suggesting going underground. (3.) Hallway shot which would lead into (4.) final big door room. That’s the idea for now and hopefully, i will manage to stick to it which will mostly depend on if i manage to do nice characters and integrate them. hah

Here it the door concept animation (basic functionally so far).

Explosive device, Klaudio Ladavac (3D)

Yeah man, The concept animaition is awesome. Really gets the point across about the functionality!


Thanks! Glad you like it!
Basic animation so far. I will try to do more moving parts on the door itself where things are moving and “opening” before the door start to rotate.


Some more progress on this. I think this is getting close to final when it comes to most important and biggest shapes. I’ll tweak it a bit more and then start to add details…exploring various shots here…Any feedback is more than welcomed.

…and the gif. The rotation of the door is a way to fast so it will be slower at the end because, in reality, like this, it would throw you out of balance for sure. :slight_smile:


All great shots man, Depending on which part of the design you want to present you can have all (focusing on the room as a whole) or focus on the door itself.
Can’t wait for more! :smiley:


Thanks! The door is the main thing so that one i want to do for sure but, yes, i would like to maybe do another shot where you can see the whole room. Still trying to figure out the camera angle and then based on it model more details there instead of modeling entire room and then most it ends up behind the “camera”. :slight_smile:


Some product design - few variations of personal security device used to identify a user when logging on to the various systems by generating one-time passwords and digital signatures (authorization)…that was the idea at least.

Reference board + my very quick and dirty sketches.


Because i have just removed one of the older work in my portfolio (some kind of ID scanner), I have decided to replace it with updated and more elaborate version.
I’ll probably make few versions of the device itself for which i did few quick sketches of rough direction i might go. I am thinking it is also good opportunity to make some kind environment around it…classic hallway kind of a thing so I’ll take here one of Travis advice in one of the meetings that good floor/wall panels design is not bad to have in the portfolio. :slight_smile:


Really digging your shapes and emphasis on functionality.


Thanks! Glad you like it!


I was updating some of my scripts in Maya as well as watching some tuts so that took few days but i got back now to continue on that last sketch of that ID scanner thing. I did 3d blackout sketch to explore the possible environment i might also do for that scanner which will be the main thing together with that door area. I will probably make 2 or 3 variations of it (scanner + entrance area) and try to keep things on the modular side if possible.


Good stuff, I like how you’re using the software to your advantage and explaining your concepts better!


Thanks, Miguel!


WIP - Scifi hand grenade kind of a device and by that i mean it is not going to be just classic throw-explode but also some other things too if it will manage to make it look cool as i have it in my mind :slight_smile: The pattern might also change a bit too instead of this regular square tiles as well, it will be properly modeled because currently is just there for preview if it will work or not.

The process so far going from initial “sketch” (on left) towards to current version (at right).

Closeups of current WIP


Modeling part is done, now just a few renders and that’s it for this one.
This concept was actually not planned (very much) but i just needed something to do few tests with a new modeling technique using blendshapes and other things in Maya…after a while i started to kinda like how it looks so i decided to make it more polished. The colors (bellow) are not final and will most likely change which i will decide as i do lookdev while rendering and all the part…probably something in direction of brown color like in previous wip post.


Hey Klaudio, I like where this is going and have been enjoying the design language in your hard surface work.
I was thinking to be able to sell this idea of a grenade just by the design of it, it would help to really think about what are the core characteristics that make a grenade a grenade.
What should people assume about your model when looking at it? And what should you do in the design of your model to have people infer the usage of your model?
I don’t know much about weapons or grenades, so I’ll use a door as an example.

People should Assume which side is push and which is pull from a glance. People will infer this by having the pull side larger vertically where a hand can easily grab it, where as the push side cannot easily be grabbed onto.

So I can get as crazy as I want but still keep that inference that you grab the pull side and press the push side, the main idea stays the same.

If your grenade isn’t just a throw and explode, what should people instead assume about it?
Keep up the good work


Hi Martin,
I am glad to hear you like this few “sketches” i did so far and thank you very much for taking the time for feedback and explanation about the design, i appreciate that a lot!

I agree with you 100% and I know exactly what you mean by what would make something look like a grenade or explosive device by just looking at it. I had that thought right from the beginning…notice that first WIP image and those which models on the left which looks more like a grenade but missing the outer fuze and safety lever parts which make a classic indication of what makes grenade looking like one. The only very vague indication on my final concept is the square grid/pattern which a lot of grenades have.

At some point, i have decided to do more futuristic kind of an explosive device which would not have classic mechanical parts (fuze, safety lever, etc.) but instead to be “smarter” device for which you can choose settings prior its use on some any kind of wearable electronics/display. For example, to choose to explode on impact (when you throw it and it hits the ground), timer, applied pressure (acts more like a landmine), movement…etc. I was mostly imagining this being a more important prop so the character on the movie interacting with it somehow would fill in all the gaps, if that makes sense, so i didn’t want to put myself in the box and try to make emphasis on current day (present) functionality this time but instead on a certain scifi look.

Once again, thanks for taking the time for feedback! :wink:


Final renders are here.i did some slight changes on the model. I have also make internal stracture and parts because I imagined, for story purposes, the character would open it to explain very briefly backstory of , as i called it, Astrolite GS liquid mix (that red parts) - the main component behind its destructive power.

Main concept >

Internal parts:

Same design variations (perhpas different purpose devices) >


Great work on this concept Klaudio, I really like how it turned out. As always your presentation and crossection of your model are so cool. Really like the story and ideas you came up with in this model and how you ended up showing it off. The detonator part and different variations of explosive types are super cool. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, Martin! I am glad you like it and i really appreciate the feedback! :wink: