-Kitchen- Need some Critics


** i didn’t find the right section for this so sorry about if this is not the correct one**

Hi everyone, That’s my latest Personal Project that i did but i fill that i’m missing something probably (post processing)

i need Critics on this project (Overall)

or point me to Post-Processing Tutorial

Thank you.


I like the last one image particularly due to composition and it’s not washed out.
The biggest problem to me is not lighting, but somposition of shots could be better. The scenes look a bit empty, and it’s not clear, what you’re trying to prortray. It is the faucet the main focus,?
They look like random protographs taken by someone without a particular goal in mind.
I would look ar movie shots, and try to replicate some favorable angles. And maybe make the lighting less bright, as it looks a bit too bright in most shots, hence a bit flat.