Kick It Like...ehm...panda?, Phenomedia (3D)


2 front pages in a week?? Youre on a roll here son!
Great work! Love the colour - it creates a nice atmosphere. Good water too.


[left]Its a good picture
heres my Crit
The water is to realistic for the scene ,
But if you think he should be able to see the bottom i dunno were your living but were i live in Tasmania bottom of Australia the water can actully be blacky green enough and possible be like this.[/left]
[left] [/left]
[left]Nice going , cya[/left]


Although as i recall Water has allways been a set better than normal cg,
i remember watching Ice Age the water in that didnt really fit either into the movie concept feel.


this looks great! i love the rendering style too :bounce:

one thing is don’t feel there is enough variation in the rotation of the soccer balls, especially the ones closer to the camera…



amazed by your skills and output
I just hope this is teamwork and you didnt do it since you posted the cute girl some days ago

you mental ray handling is great - I love the soft look and feeling the image has

can you tell a bit how you created the fur - is it fur or what else?



I like the overal image coloring, but maybe the back is too blurry


Why the hell has this post only got 2 stars?
Everyone who posted loves it, so why the negativity? If anyone has any comments you should let them be known, rather than stating it and remaining silent!


Great cartoony style. Very well deserved FrontPage!


I love it! sooo cute, so perfect!

I want a panda for me!


fantastic image man, love the colors and the feel of the piece. Especially his expression. Good compositin as well. :applause:


i really like the textures, especially on the bear and the balls. the water’s really nice as well. awesome!


great atmosphere in this scene…

I think the balls and even the bear could be a little wet…, maybe the specular levels a little high…

Great work!


great job! but,the panda’s hands looks problems!


Funny. :thumbsup:


I love this ones! even more then his enemy…the balls are very well done, i like the texture a lot! and the panda looks very funny!!



the render it´s great:thumbsup: , the glace of the Panda is charming…


awesome work!! the only thing bothering me is that the sand and rock area doesnt seem as detailed as everything else!!! but well they are far away so no big deal!!
Good Job!!


First of all thanks for all the nice feedback. :slight_smile:

Some of the “questions” (hi Lotus) can be anwered by this thread.

Everything (except the MentalRay Ocean shader) is realtime geometrie.
Lot’s of Photoshop of course. :smiley:

hope that answers your question…


Nice work! Very talented!

Do you have more soccer players?


ok ok, you are a prodigy fan, so I like you a lot more! :stuck_out_tongue:

keep up the good work! one day I’ll reach your level…one day :wink: